Stop Sticking, Stan!

Stop Sticking, Stan! – a book review

I don’t know about your children, but Monkey loves stickers.  I always have a sticker book with me these days when we’re out and about.  When we received Stop Sticking, Stan! recently I did have a quiet chuckle to myself. Stop Sticking, Stan! is written and illustrated by Nicola Killen and was published through Egmont UK last month.

Stop Sticking, Stan!Stan is a little boy who gets quite obsessed with collecting things.  Monkey and I can relate to that, although Stan’s collections of coat hangers, odd socks and buttons is a bit more eclectic than Monkey’s digger and tractors!

Stan’s Mum gives him a sticker for tidying up his bedroom.  After a month of good behaviour, she gives Stan a bumper pack of stickers.  This is an action she is soon to regret.

Stan’s latest obsession takes over, he wants to put stickers on everything – and does!

Stop Sticking, Stan!

When everything is covered in stickers Stan’s parents have had enough.  Stan realises that things aren’t so much fun covered in stickers; he can’t watch the TV or read a book. He decided to peel off every single sticker – but where will he put them?

Let me just say that the answer to that question leads to yet another obsession!

Monkey and I have chuckled our way through this book.  The illustrations are colourful and full of detail.  I have had to tell Monkey that putting stickers on walls, doors and the like wouldn’t go down too well with Daddy P!

At the end of this picture book is a sheet of stickers – a reward for every little book-worm.

Stop Sticking, Stan!disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.




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  1. LP loved this book and thankfully it hasn’t inspired her to start sticking stickers everywhere! x

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