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Stress free airport parking – AD gifted service for review

disclosure: we were given free access to this service in return for an honest review.

When I worked in Export Sales, I was sometimes lucky enough to have a driver take me to the airport and pick me up.  It was great, after a long week away at an exhibition, to use not worry about remembering where I’d parked the car!  Now, my life has changed, and airports these days mean trips to visit my parents in Spain with my little family.  We always catch the first flight out of Birmingham so it’s a very early start from home.  Not always ideal with a youngster, to be faffing around trying to find somewhere to park, waiting for a bus, getting cold.  This time we went for the stress-free airport parking option with a Meet and Greet option!

Looking4Parking  offer a ‘meet and greet’ service at airports across the UK.  The website is easy to navigate and booking is straightforward.  This video explains the process.

As part of the booking process, we advised our flight numbers, departure and return flight arrival times as well as our car details.  We were given a mobile number to call when we were 10 minutes away from Birmingham Airport.  So, we left home knowing we didn’t have to worry about finding that elusive car parking space at 4.30 am!

I rang the number when we left the M42, my call was answered promptly, and I was given instructions of where to meet the company representative.  The bay numbers didn’t match those on the email we’d received, so I left it to my OH to remember.  I have no memory these days, let alone at that time in the morning.

It was still dark when we arrived at the Drop and Go car park at Birmingham, and at that time is wasn’t immediately apparent where the numbered bays were.  But we soon found them, and someone was already there waiting for us.  He checked through our return flight details and times, gave us a receipt with our returning instructions, and off we went.

No real hassle and right next to the departure building and trolley park.  When we flew back, I checked our receipt and rang the number listed as we walked through the Customs Hall.  We were met in the same area we’d left our car, in a matter of minutes.  Given exit, tickets to get out of the car park, and homeward bound we went.

Stress-free airport parking, which really worked well for us with a 4-year little boy.  Even Daddy P was relaxed, knowing that his beloved Landrover had been looked after in a secure compound.

We have parked on-site at Birmingham Airport for the last couple of times we’ve flown, to avoid the whole waiting for buses with a young child issue.  The ‘Meet and Greet’ service is a little more to pay, but it was really nice to not have to think about parking, finding the ticket etc.  I can imagine after a long flight, it would be absolutely ideal too.



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  1. This sounds perfect for that time of the day. I usually have a train up to the airpost to avoid the parking issue, but later this year when we fly to Florida I will have to have a think as the flight I have booked leaves earlier. We have never tried park and go so might have a look, Thanks

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