Strictly No Crocs

Strictly No Crocs

Monkey’s been fascinated by crocodiles since our trip to Crocodile World, we got to see them being fed, so he’s seen them up close with their sharp teeth and snappy jaws. Strictly No Crocs is written by Heather Pindar and is a new picture book which was published through Maverick Arts Publishing last week.

Strictly No Crocs

Cruncher, Chomper and Snapper are the local villains, they certainly aren’t popular with the other animals.  They don’t even get invited to birthday parties, well, why would you invite someone who’s likely to eat you after wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Zebra is having a party and the only rule is Strictly No Crocs. But the dastardly threesome decide that they will gate crash the celebrations, by going in disguise, as a flamingo, cheetah and bee! There were bouncy castles to jump on, party games to play, food to eat and fireworks to enjoy.

Heather Pindar

In fact the crocs had so much fun, they totally forgot that they were the villains of the piece, and that they were meant to eat everyone.

Oh dear! They’d need to find another party to go to, and try again.

Strictly No Crocs is a humourous tale that youngsters will enjoy.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information, the book retails for £6.99

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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