Summer crafts with Baker Ross

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

We recently received an unexpected delivery and as soon as I opened it I knew we were going to have some fun making summer crafts with Baker Ross.  You may remember we had lots of fun preparing for Easter earlier this year, and I knew Monkey would love to get crafting again.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

We were off for a playdate with two of Monkey’s NCT group and I knew the kids would enjoy some summer crafts with Baker Ross, so I took a few of the kits we’d received with us.

The first thing we all tried making were the Butterfly Stained Glass Effect Decoration Kits.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

The kits are available in packs of 6 (£3.96) or 12 (£10.80), we received the kits with black card butterflies, but a pink card option is also available.  The website says that this set is suitable for children aged 5 years and over, but with some assistance our 4 and half year old’s managed really well.

There are three different designs of butterfly templates; you also receive various coloured cellophane sheets, ribbons for hanging and instructions.  I was in charge of cutting the cellophane sheets into smaller shapes and then it was over to Monkey, Master S and Miss B to get creative.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross


It was interesting to watch the three children tackle this craft in different ways.  Monkey wanted a mixture of colours for his butterfly, Miss B, unsurprisingly for her, went for pinks and added cellophane pom poms and Master S went for all out orange and wasn’t bothered about trimming at all.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Once the butterflies were finished, we used the ribbons so they could be hung up in the window.  Monkey is thrilled with his.

Miss B was happy to get started on a Football Mosaic Coaster while the boys had had enough crafting for one day!  We received a pack of 6, but on the website these are normally supplied in a pack of 30 coasters for £15.95.  You receive red, blue and green football shaped foam coasters, along with black and white self adhesive foam mosaic pieces and an instruction leaflet.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Miss B had no difficulty with doing this activity without supervision, and neither did Monkey when he made his up at home last week.

We’ve had a busy time making Summer Crafts with Baker Ross this last week.  Once Monkey had made up a couple of Football Mosaic coasters, he wanted to get cracking with the Pirate Ship Kits.

We received a pack of 2 Pirate Ships in different colours (priced at £2.70).  It’s a 3D foam kit, with instructions and wooden masts.  Again, the website advises an age of 5+, but Monkey constructed both ships without any help from me.  You don’t need any glue either, as again, the parts that need sticking are self adhesive.

One of our favourite people, our Special Sheba, has been unwell for some time, and Monkey wanted to cheer her up with a card.  The Groovy Garden Foam Stickers were just right for him to make a brightly coloured Get Well Soon card for her.  Priced at £2.99 for a pack of 100 foam stickers, these are great value for money.  They are self-adhesive, so again, no glue required.  The pack is full of mini beasts and flowers, perfect for some summer crafting.

Then it was time to try out the Turtle Scratch Art Decorations.   We received a pack of 10 Turtles with 5 different designs, coloured ribbons and scratching tools.  This pack is priced at £2.99.  I don;t know about you, but I used to love these kits when I was a kid and I was looking forward to having a go myself.  Monkey struggled a little with this activity to start with.  His drawing skills are quite limited, but eventually he got the hang of it and was away.

We’ve also got some bugs and rubber ducks that I’ll think we’ll be having fun with over the holidays.  Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for that!

We’ve loved making summer crafts with Baker Ross.  The quality is good, I think the price is reasonable and the range of activities available is excellent.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Some great craft bits there. I love those stained glass window pictures. Will have to look out for some of these to keep my two busy over the summer!

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