Summer crafts with Baker Ross

Summer crafts with Baker Ross

Every so often we get a surprise crafting delivery to keep Monkey occupied and we’ve been having some fun with summer crafts from Baker Ross over the last few weeks.

Summer crafts with Baker Ross

Monkey spotted the Turtle Water Squirters straight away.  He’s been fascinated with turtles since we saw some in an aquarium.  Now, these are clearly meant for the bath or paddling pool, but Monkey has decided that at the moment his turtles prefer dry land!

Summer crafts with Baker Ross and the Turtles priced at £2.25 for a pack of six, were an instant hit.  I think we’ll be having lots of fun with them in the months ahead.

Next up from our summer crafts with Baker Ross delivery – a classic game that I can remember from my own childhood.  We received a set of Star Hero Colour-In Biff Bats.

Summer crafts with Baker Ross

Monkey decided that he would start the colouring in process on a couple of the Super Heroes but then it was down to Mummy to finish them.  The Biff Bats come in packs of 4 for £2.50 and would be a great for an activity in the summer.  Kids can colour in their bats and then have a competition to see who can bounce their ball the longest.  Great for hand eye coordination.

The Mermaid Cushion Sewing Kits come in a pack of 2 for £4.70, they come complete with instructions, and even self adhesive felt pieces so no glue is needed.  The needles are large, plastic with blunt ends, so easy for younger children to manipulate.  Monkey delegated the sewing part of this activity to me, although I think he could easily have managed it himself. We then stuffed our mermaid with the wadding provided and Monkey decorated her.  A simple activity, that looks really good when finished.

Monkey decided to combine the Animal Glasses Card Blanks (£2.75 for a pack of 12) and Gnome Foam sticker set (120 for £ 2.99) to create his own take on glasses.  The foam stickers from Baker Ross always go down well here and I’m sure these latest one will be appearing in lots of his pictures and paintings over the summer months.

Monkey has quite a collection of money boxes so I thought he would want to decorate the Boat Ceramic Coin Banks (set of 4 for £4.96) as presents for friends – but no!  They apparently have to be added to his collection!  We used the porcelain pens (pack of 5 for £8.99) provided plus some glitter ones from our Christmas crafts to decorate the boats. Once the masterpieces were complete I followed the instructions on the pens to ‘bake’ the boats in the oven.  I think I might be tempted to use this sort of activity for a birthday party in the future.

We had lots of fun thanks to our summer crafts with Baker Ross and as always I can thoroughly recommend the company for crafting activity sets to keep the kids amused.

disclaimer:  we were sent the sets mentioned in exchange for an honest review

4 thoughts on “Summer crafts with Baker Ross

  1. Love the porcelain painting. They’re definitely a great idea. We did small plates as a pay for activity at our NCT cheeky monkey tea party last year. N refused to do one, but the other children loved it. Then parents were given a slip of paper with instructions for baking. I love doing stuff like that. When N’s bigger, we’ll be off to Witney to do some pottery painting!

  2. What a great set of crafts, love the colour in Biff Bats and the boat money boxes are cute. Lots of great sets that would be ideal for parties activities.

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