T-Rex dressing up with Pretend to Bee

T-Rex dressing up with Pretend to Bee

Monkey, like most boys his age, is totally obsessed with dinosaurs.  He’s had so much fun recently taking things to another level with some T-Rex dressing up with Pretend to Bee. you may remember that Monkey put their Pilot’s outfit to the flight test earlier this year, which was a big hit.  I showed Monkey the range of Natural History Museum licensed Dinosaur Onesies that Pretend to Bee stock and he fell in love with the T-Rex outfit.  I quite fancied the Triceratops myself but he was adamant.

T-Rex dressing up with Pretend to Bee

It was love at first roar as far as Monkey was concerned.  He doesn’t like masks, so this T-Rex Onesie is perfect for him.  We ordered his outfit in age 5-7 years, as Monkey is 6 next week, but I think to get more wear out of it we probably should have ordered the 7-9 years.

T-Rex dressing up with Pretend to Bee

Monkey’s T-Rex outfit is beautifully made, Mummy it has scales, a tail, claws and big teeth!

We’ve had dinosaur roaring, dinosaur attacks, dinosaur sleeping, lots and lots of dinosaur playing.

I think you can tell that he loves this T-Rex Onesie from the photos.  He just loves it, and I know he’s going to be roaring around the house in it for some time to come.  The Natural History Museum collection held by Pretend to Bee is priced from £23-£25 and I can tell you that our outfit is worthy every penny.

To see the full range as well as all character and role play costumes pop over to Pretend to Bee as they have a really good selection, reasonable prices and good quality too in our experience.

Disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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