Takes One To Know One

Takes One To Know One – AD sent for review

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In February the latest novel from Susan Isaacs was published through Grove Press.  Takes One To Know One is a thriller which takes an unexpected turn and keeps you turning the pages to find out more.

Takes One To Know One

In Takes One To Know One we are introduced to the central character, Corie Geller.  Geller had put her knowledge of the Arabic language to use after 9/11, working as an FBI agent fighting terrorism. At the age of thirty-five, she walked away from the agency to marry widower Josh Geller and become stepmother to his daughter Phoebe.  She can still be called upon by the FBI on a contract basis, but she creates a new career working with literary agencies promoting Arabic literature which she thinks should be translated into English.

It’s a very different life to the one she was used to and over time she wonders if she has given up too much, whilst her husband’s career as a judge seems to grow from strength to strength.

She has been taking part in a self-employed lunch club for some time and as time goes on she becomes more and more suspicious of one of the other members.  Pete Delaney had apparently worked for a large company but lost his job and now runs his own packaging design company.  He’s a bland individual, never gives much away, always arrives early for lunch to ensure he gets the same seat, always seems to have a new phone and is fixated with watching his car throughout the lunchtime meetings.  Corie’s FBI instincts kick in and she’s convinced that something isn’t right about her lunch companion and she sets to find out more about him.

We follow Corie in Takes One To Know One as she calls in favours with old colleagues and pulls her retired cop father in to help her with her investigations.  At first, she worries that perhaps there is nothing sinister about Delaney at all and in fact it’s just her yearning some adventure and excitement back in her life.  But she’s soon to discover that her instincts were right and Delaney really isn’t what he seems at all.

I did find it took me a while to get into Takes One To Know One as it’s quite a slow start, but once Corie starts to uncover the truth about Delaney I got sucked in and there’s a dramatic twist towards the end of the book which is really rather gripping.

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