Tales of Harina

Tales of Harina – book reviews and giveaway

Monkey and I have recently been introduced to the first two books in the Tales of Harina series by Joy R Hartley.

Tales of Harina

The first book in the Tales of Harina series is Harina: The Special Girl.  I did wonder if it might put Monkey off that Harina is a girl, but he wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

Having spent most of my working life in Export and always loved travel, I’m very keen that Monkey learns about different cultures and accepts people for who they are, not what they look or sound like.  Harina is an African girl from Zimbabwe.  What’s Zimbabwe Mummy? So I explained a little about where Zimbabwe is in relation to us in England and Granny in Spain.  Next week I have a sneaky feeling a world atlas might be one of his birthday presents!

Harina is a happy girl with a generous, giving character. She has a favourite orange dress and a Gumby blanket that she loves in the same way Monkey loves his teddy. When Harina’s Mummy makes her a picnic to have in the garden something wonderful happens. She is visited by a Hanga – Shona for Guinea Fowl; she’s very excited as the rare bird brings those that see it good luck.

Harina and Hanga become friends and then the real adventure begins.

Tales of Harina

Harina: The Special Girl, is a lovely story about being aware of others, helping them and being friendly. All good lessons for a nearly five-year old Monkey to learn.  The story also introduced him to different animals and left him asking lots of questions – which always makes me happy.

At the end of the book there are some suggested activities and some blank pages for drawing, writing etc.  Monkey really enjoyed the story and was already looking forward to bedtime the next day so we could read the second Tales of Harina.

Harina and the Doctor Bird sees us meeting up again with Harina and Hanga the Guinea Fowl for another adventure. Harina has been to an after school club where they have played the Passport Game and she got to learn all sorts of things about Jamaica.

Where’s Jamaica Mummy?  Well Monkey, Mummy has been to Jamaica, it’s a big island in the Caribbean.  It’s a beautiful country.  Let’s read the story now, and one day I’ll get my photo’s out to show you.

Back to the story! When Harina gets back from school she finds that her Mummy isn’t very well.  She covers her Mummy in her blanket, tells her all about Passport Club and then starts to fall asleep.  Time for Hanga to appear and the next adventure to begin.

In this story the duo meet up again with the Doctor Bird from Jamaica, who they met in Harina: The Special Girl.  This time the Doctor Bird teaches Harina about nectar and how he collects it to make it into a potion for her Mummy.

Tales of Harina

Monkey was fascinated, he hasn’t seen a Humming Bird (the Doctor Bird) yet, so I was able to carry on from the story and explain in more detail what the bird does.  Again, a lovely story which left Monkey asking lots of questions.

Each book is published through Matador Books and priced at £8.99.  My Amazon Affiliate links are shown below for your reference.

We’ve really enjoyed the Tales of Harina stories and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.  If you’d like more information about the series then why not follow Harina on Twitter or Facebook.

disclaimer:  we were sent these books in exchange for an honest review


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