Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

As a child growing up I put my Mum through the ringer when it came to drinking, I was never a fan of heavily sweetened squash mixtures or juices and I almost certainly didn’t drink enough water.  Times have moved on and there are so many more options for children these days. Monkey is certainly easier to please than I was, but I still have to think about healthy drinking options for him.  We recently tried something new and have been tasting the difference with Kid Zinger.

Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

The Kid Zinger is a water bottle with a difference as it enables you to flavour water with fresh citrus fruits.  Monkey loves his Gramps freshly squeezed Orange Juice when we are in Spain, so I wondered what he’d make to this twist.

The idea is easy, unscrew the bottom part of the Kid Zinger, squeeze half an orange (or other citrus fruit) on the citrus press, leave in place, screw cap back on, turn the Kid Zinger over, unscrew lid, fill with water, screw lid back on and shake.  Voila, flavoured water.

The Kid Zinger is a hybrid of the Citrus Zinger and has a more child friendly rounded citrus press and a pop up straw to help avoid spillages.  So, tasting the difference with Kid Zinger – did it work for us?

The first Kid Zinger we received leaked around the bottom seal, but this was replaced for us quickly.  You do need to tighten it very hard in my opinion the first few times of use, and then it seems easier to maintain the seal.

Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

Monkey wasn’t so keen on the bits in the orange flavoured water, yes, Gramps has to make sure he doesn’t get bits in Monkey’s orange juice.  I can see a number of children having issues with this element and wonder whether some sort of filter could be added to appease children like Monkey.

I don’t like citrus fruit at all, and I noticed that you could also use the Kid Zinger with other fruits as well or instead.  I’ve tried a number of ideas from plum to raspberries but strawberry flavoured water has been the biggest hit.  I can see this being well used in the summer and you can add ice cubes to keep the drink chilled when we’re out and about.

Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger offers a healthier option to sugar loaded drinks and is available from JD Harris for £14.99 including free delivery.  It’s probably a bit more than I would personally think to pay, but I do like the concept.  It also comes with stickers, which will always be a hit with this Monkey!

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

5 thoughts on “Tasting the difference with Kid Zinger

  1. We’ve a couple of the Zing Anything cups – they’re great! Good to know there’s a kids option as well – although it is quite pricey! JD Harris always seem to do the best prices for them though…

  2. Interesting that it’s an all in one thing. I’m not a fan of flavoured waters unless it’s lemon and lime sparkling, but N would probably like it.

    I think I’d just squeeze the fruit in myself to be honest if he was that keen.

  3. My new zinger bottle leaks. Should I just use it a couple of times till it stops or should I get it replaced?

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