Tasty snacks from The Co-operative

Tasty snacks from The Co-operative

When we were kids one thing I really do remember about shopping trips with Mum, was going to The Co-operative shop in Farnham.  Unlike most of the other shops we went into, this one was never a chore.  Why?  Well, if my brother and I were lucky we would get to collect the Green Shield stamps and put them in Mum’s book, ready to save up for something for home.  This was in the days of big tills with proper buttons, a little receipt and saving stamps.  Of course times have changed but whenever I visit our local store, I smile to myself with childhood memories.  But I digress, today’s post is all about some rather tasty snacks from The Co-operative.

Tasty snacks from The Co-operative


We’ve all enjoyed trying these tasty snacks from The Co-operative.

Daddy P was particularly keen to work his way through the various fruit and nut mixes, especially when he discovered that some of them also contained chocolate buttons!  His particular favourite was the Jaffa Fruit & Nut mix – containing raisins, hazelnuts, orange flavoured white chocolate buttons and milk chocolate coated raisins.

Monkey’s favourites have definitely been the Triple Berry Rice cakes which are coated with yogurt.  I have a feeling these may become a regular feature in our weekend snack box.

For me, it has to be the Spiced Ginger flavour Popcorn.  I can see me becoming quite addicted to that.  It really is delicious, I won’t be sharing it though!

So if you are looking for some snacks for the whole family, the tasty snacks from The Co-operative we’ve been trying out get the big thumbs up from us.  So why not check out their ranges in your nearest store.

Let me know what you think, if you do.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown and a voucher in exchange for an honest review


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