Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

We love wooden and toys and games as you all know and the character featured in The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a firm favourite in this house as you can imagine.  So we were thrilled to receive a delivery recently.  Monkey has been telling the time with Rainbow Designs.

Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

Rainbow’s toys feature classic Characters from Books, TV and Film. They start from birth and grow with your baby and our characters will stay with them forever! From their first comforters and lullaby musicals through to their first book, toy and puzzle we create products to meet all of your child’s development needs as they grow.

Monkey is really becoming interested in telling the time now, we talk about it a lot at meal times and he knows his numbers well.  Telling the time with Rainbow Designs and his new wooden shape sorting clock has been good fun.

Telling the Time with Rainbow Designs

The wooden clock comes with 12 different shaped and colours number pieces, movable hands and a wooden base.  In my opinion the base needs a tighter fit.  A four and half year old Monkey has dislodged the clock repeatedly when he’s played with it, leading to some frustration.

Other than that niggle, he’s had lots of fun telling the time with Rainbow Designs.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Shape Sorter Clock is aimed at children over the age of 3 years, but I actually think younger children would enjoy the shape sorting aspect of this toy too.  It’s great for improving hand/eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

The pieces are all well made and the coloured sorting numbers are easy to place on the clock face.

Monkey is certainly enjoying telling the time with Rainbow Designs, and this clock now lives in his bedroom.  We set the time when Monkey gets up in the morning, then change it when he comes home from school and at bedtime.

You can find a full list of stockists on the Rainbow Designs website and this clock has a RRP of around £14.99, which I think is great value for money, given the play potential.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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3 thoughts on “Telling the time with Rainbow Designs

  1. Funny that for over 3s it’s V Hungry Caterpillar, as you often would relate that with younger children than those learning to tell the time. I think Rainbow Designs are the ones who do Peter Rabbit – N’s favourite!

    I like the idea of having the shape sorter as well as the clock. I really must get N’s wooden clock out and find all the pieces from where he’s tipped them all out!

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