The Bastille Spy

The Bastille Spy – AD sent for review

I finished the school holidays with a really good historical crime thriller.  I can thoroughly recommend The Bastille Spy, the latest novel from C S Quinn which was published through Corvus in August.  It’s a real page-turner and a story that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading.

The Bastille Spy

It’s Paris, the year is 1789 and the country is teetering on the verge of revolution.  We are introduced to the heroine of The Bastille Spy, Attica Morgan.  She’s the illegitimate daughter to Lord Morgan, who started life as a slave and travelled from the Caribbean to seek out her father.  She’s no ordinary lady as she’s also been trained as a spy with numerous hidden talents.

Attica works for a secret spy network and she’s sent to Paris to investigate the death of a rebel in the Bastille. She also discovers that her cousin Grace has been sent to the French capital too along with a hidden diamond necklace which once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette.  Her cousin is in grave danger as she’s tracked down by merciless ex Musketeer Janssen.

Well known characters from the French Revolution; Robespierre and Danton bring realism to the plot, as The Bastille Spy unfolds.  Can Attica complete her mission and save her cousin in the process?

The story is very well written and the characters really come alive in the historical thriller.  I couldn’t put the book down and loved the twists and turns as the storyline unfolded.  As the plot develops Attica builds a relationship with Jemmy, a pirate captain, but he isn’t all he seems either.  It’s lovely to see a really strong female character leading The Bastille Spy, and it’s one of those books that has been a real joy to read,  I do love discovering authors I’ve not come across before.

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