The Book of Brilliant Bugs

The Book of Brilliant Bugs – AD sent for review and giveaway

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If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you will know that my Dad is an amateur entomologist and that I spent a lot of time as a child wandering along the Basingstoke canal looking for all manner of bugs.  I didn’t truly appreciate how lucky I’d been until I had my own child, and could show him how wonderful these little animals are.  We’ve spent many a day on a bug hunt and my son adored Jess French and her CBeebies show Minibeast Adventure.  So when I was approached to look at her new book called The Book of Brilliant Bugs which has just been published, I knew we needed to investigate.

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

The Book of Brilliant Bugs is an eighty-page hardback book aimed at children aged 7 years and over and is beautifully illustrated throughout.

The book looks at what bugs are and tells children about the wonderful world of invertebrates in a fun and informative way. We learn about all the important jobs that they do, from pollinating plants, recycling rubbish and even providing food for other animals.  Invertebrates cover a range of bugs including insects, arachnids, myriapods, crustaceans and gastropods.

In The Book of Brilliant Bugs children can look at the body of an insect and learn about the different component parts that they can have.

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

They can also learn about different types of wings and eyes and how they help different insects in their daily lives. The book also showcases different types of bugs such as arachnids, their different characteristics and their habitats.

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

In bug behaviour, we learn about different bug superpowers and how some really do rely on teamwork to achieve their goals.

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

There’s information about how different bugs rely on different senses and how and why some bugs glow in the dark.

In bug habitats, The Book of Brilliant Bugs looks at bugs that live underwater as well as cave dwellers and tunnellers.  Everything is written in a concise manner that children can easily understand.

The Book of Brilliant Bugs

The Book of Brilliant Bugs also shows children what impact changes in the environment and climate change are having on these mini beasts.  It also tells children about the different bugs that humans have eaten over the centuries and how we can help bugs at home.  We’re big fans of bug hotels and the book explains exactly how to make one at home.

It really is a beautiful book and is full of useful information relating to these underrated animals.

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The Book of Brilliant Bugs worth £14.99

122 thoughts on “The Book of Brilliant Bugs – AD sent for review and giveaway

      1. Fireflies! They are magical for kids and romantic for adults! They bring back a lot of fond memories.

  1. I love butterflies because they are so beautiful, and because they make me think of warm summer days.

  2. Bees are my favourite because they are hard workers, very clever and essential to pollination.

  3. I love butterflies. They’re beautiful and there are so many species, that have all different patterns and colours.

  4. tarantulas they weigh nothing, but are really ticklish when they walk on your arm, I think they are cute

  5. Butterflies, they are beautiful , they just flutter around, not irritating, not creepy, and dont bite

  6. The giant centipede. Seeing all those legs moving at once gives me the creeps , yet it fascinates me.

  7. Even though I’m a little afraid of them, has to be Bees as they are just so important for our flora

  8. My favourite big is a caterpillar because they turn into beautiful butterflies and I find the whole process fascinating.

  9. Personally I’m a little phobic of insects, but my daughter loves ladybirds, and it’s ok, they don’t freak me as bd thankfully, as every year we get loads flying in the house from the trees beside our home!!

  10. I’m not really one for liking bugs but we always look out for them with the children. We especially like looking for bees and ladybirds.

    1. Bees because they are so important for food production and they have a bad reputation but they don’t want to sting you as it kills them

  11. I love butterflies for all the different types there are and how gorgeous they are, but I also have a soft spot for bumble bees because they are so important to our environment. Who would have thought something so small, could make such an impact?

  12. Butterflies – I think they are beautiful and also find their life cycle fascinating

  13. Bees are great, and do such an important job. We know that summer is on it’s way we when begin to hear the first buzzes!

  14. I love bumble bees. I love their fluffiness and colour and they’re lovely to watch moving from flower to flower x

  15. I love stag beetles because they are such interesting creatures and are endangered too. We get them in our garden in spring and summer and always report our finding to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species who are trying to help them.

  16. Stag beetles – they have a certain air of menace about them, though they no longer scare me.

  17. I adore bees! They do so much for us and are so friendly! We have a little bee hotel in our garden now and we are looking to see what else we can do to support our bees

  18. i love caterpillars. Mainly because they can eat loads and loads, sleep for a whle and then wake up beautiful! Ive been trying to do that for years haha!

  19. My son loves Caterpillars. He’s 2 and just starting to discover things and caterpillars he is amazed by

  20. My son is fascinated by lightning bugs. On a visit to family in Canada, they lit up the night sky….he loves that they are so magical

  21. I personally hate all bugs, however I dont want my son to grow up with the same fears as me which is why this book would be brilliant.

  22. We love spotting different coloured butterflies in the garden, especially less common ones

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