The Boss Baby DVD

The Boss Baby – DVD review and giveaway

31st July saw the release of The Boss Baby DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and 4K Ultra HD versions of this funny family friendly film from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The Boss Baby DVD

Created by DreamWorks this animated comedy film is going to be hit in homes across the country this summer. When his new baby brother arrives, seven-year old Tim Templeton isn’t so happy. All of a sudden he isn’t the centre of the universe. Now his baby brother is like no other, this one comes suited and booted and is most definitely in charge.  He is, quite simply, The Boss Baby.  He’s also not quite what he seems as Tim learns about his secret mission and joins forces with him.

Featuring the voices of Alex Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey Maguire, The Boss Baby DVD is a really good, funny, family film.  If you purchase The Boss Baby DVD Special Edition you get a whole host of extra features too, including the new Mini Adventure.  It’s a 3-minute action-packed journey through time featuring Boss Baby and Tim. There’s also special feature materials including featurettes like “Cookies are for Closers: Inside BabyCorp,” as well as deleted scenes.

To celebrate the release of The Boss Baby on DVD I’ve also got these activity sheets for you to download and enjoy.

The Boss Baby The Boss Baby The Boss Baby The Boss Baby The Boss Baby

Have fun and do let me know what you think of The Boss Baby too.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference in case you haven’t got your copy on pre-order.

Edit:  My son and I have now watched the Boss Baby DVD, it’s a really good family film which we’ve both enjoyed. There are so many moments throughout the film that parents will totally relate to and it really shows the impact that the arrival of a second child has on the first.  The plot is funny and well thought out and of course, there’s a happy ending.  It’s a great film to watch together.

disclosure:  we are receiving a copy of The Boss Baby in exchange for this post

To celebrate the recent release of the Boss Baby DVD I have one copy available for a reader to win.  Just complete the Gleam form below and it could be you!  Good luck.

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The Boss Baby on DVD

160 thoughts on “The Boss Baby – DVD review and giveaway

  1. My four year old daughter loves watching trolls and sing which I giggle to as well and it means i get snuggles while we watch them xxx

  2. My sons have watched The secret life of pets about 100 times these holidays, it’s all they ask for. I can’t wait till they get another favourite!

  3. Monsters Inc. Something we can all identify with as a child . And a good family film , with an original idea .

  4. We’re currently working our way through the classic Disney films, The Little Mermaid being the favourite so far.

  5. “The Aristocats” because it’s so great with brilliant songs (especially “Everybody wants to be a cat”)

  6. The Tinkerbell movies just love them all but the first is our favourite she is so well meaning and kind with a kind heart but a naughty stubborn side.


  8. We like the old Star Wars films as there is something for everyone to enjoy, bad guys, good guys, battle scenes etc

  9. Any Harry Potter film…a nice long film takes up time on a day when we’re not doing anything and they’re ‘bored’.

  10. Star Trek IV – it’s so wonderfully funny and it has become something of a family tradition that we watch it.

  11. My little girl is obsessed with vampires at the moment so we’ve got her The Little Vampire film from about 2000. She’s watching it about 5 times already

  12. The children are getting older now so I like them to watch family films. My favourite is Groundhog Day and we discuss what they thought about it afterwards. It is very funny but most children get the life lessons that are embedded within the story.

  13. Well my 3 year old decided the middle of the summer holidays was the perfect time to set down and watch the Grinch. Normally though we love a good disney princess film, my daughter is Belle mad at the mo

  14. beauty and the beast, I never get bored of it and the songs are great for us all to sing along to

  15. I love Lego Batman Movie. Simply because my son and his friend are watching it now and I am finally getting an hours peace

  16. ‘Pets’ was so funny …my little boy couldn’t help laughing and wondering if our dog gets up to the same mischief when we’re not around? 😉 x

  17. At the moment it appears to be Pets, the kids want to watch it every time we are indoors. I did like it but now it’s driving me nuts lol. My daughter loves dogs and I think that’s why

  18. i recently took my 5yo to see the new Smurfs film, and ever since we have been (forced) watching Smurfs 1 & 2 on repeat… thanks for that netflix 🙂

  19. Harry Potter series and fantastic beasts,I love the magical world…it’s a form of escapism for me and my sister (we live together)

  20. Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I let them watch it until the bit where they’re shrunk and chased by the ants. Then I tell them I have one of those devices in the garage and that their rooms need cleaning. Works a charm.

  21. we love minions because its suitable for all of our children ages 1 – 12, so funny, we love it!

  22. My kids have been watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie, they love it but i prefer the original

  23. Definitely has to be toy story we all enjoyed it however would love to watch boss baby looks so good

  24. My 5 year old son and I love watching Home because it’s funny and we love Oh, especially as he’s voiced by Jim Parsons and sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang theory.

  25. We are enjoying Matilda, my twin boys love it and i enjoy watching with them as i remember reading the book x

  26. We love the Shrek movies, they entertain my husband and I with a bit of adult humour and the kids love the characters.

  27. The empire strikes back as its the best film ever made and is fun, exciting, magical and brilliant!

  28. The Boss Baby, humorous film. Also we were treated to a viewing of the film at our local cinema, with refreshments :- By Housing Association. Was a nice treat.

  29. I love watching disney vlassis with my princess like cinderella, beauty and beast and the little mermaid

  30. we enjoy watching The Lego movie. Its Amazing love the songs. Always makes us feel better and upbeat

  31. It differs for us. This summer we have been watching Trolls a lot! the songs get stuck in my head everyday lol. We watched Coraline today for a bit of a change

  32. My younger daughter loves Trolls and would watch it on a loop if we let her! Our older daughter loves the Marvel and DC films.

  33. My favourite family film to watch over the summer holidays is the Lion King as everyone can join in with the songs.

  34. Pets! Its my children’s favourite film at this time and they always want to watch it. Think we watched it once a week over the hols lol!

  35. We’ve been watching older classics such as Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch, they’re great!

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