The Brave Beast Chris Judge

The Brave Beast an ebook from Me Books – AD gifted for review

disclosure: we were gifted this ebook for the purpose of review

Now you all know that I’m a bit of a techno dinosaur, but I’m getting there slowly but surely!  You also know that we love books here – my son seems to share my passion for books and I’m hoping that passion stays with him.  We were asked to look at The Brave Beast by Chris Judge, an ebook from Me Books – well this would be a first for both of us.

The Brave Beast Chris JudgeI like my paper books – I know! Old School!  you just can’t convince me that I’d enjoy being tucked up at the end of the day with a Kindle, but anyway I digress.  My son and an ebook using my iPhone – another way to get his looking at books – so I was up for giving it a go.

I downloaded The Brave Beast to my iPhone (aren’t I the clever one, these days) and we sat down this morning at snack time to have a read.  The next bit of this post WILL make you all laugh.  So we’re sitting there, my eyesight isn’t great even with contact lens and I’m struggling a little bit with the text, but we soldier on, and my son is finding the story quite entertaining.  Then by accident, I touched the screen and it spoke back to me!  Ah, the penny dropped!  I’m sorry, I didn’t know that these books were interactive!!  Poor boy, I’m sure he’ll be trading me in for a newer model when he starts school.

So we go back to the beginning and start listening to the story and looking at the illustrations – funnily enough, the story came to life and we both giggled our way through it.

Brave Beast pic

The story of The Brave Beast is a funny tale of islanders who are scared of a strange noise coming from the other end of their island.  They fly to see the Brave Beast and ask him to help them in their hour of need.  The Brave Beast, who is a rather friendly fellow, goes on an adventure in hunt of the ‘monster’ and without ruining the story – he saves the day.

The Brave Beast by Me Books is available through the Apple Store – The Me Books app is free to download and comes with one free Me Book and you get another one free if you create an account – got to be worth a visit!


6 thoughts on “The Brave Beast an ebook from Me Books – AD gifted for review

  1. lol! least you got there in the end!
    I am waiting for these to come out on android, although when I upgrade my phone I will be okay to add stuff – the iphone i have at the moment the memory is so full i dont download anything on it any more, would like the kids to do more of this kind of app though, more educational than some

    1. I’m such a dinosaur – I did laugh when it started talking to us, you should have seen me trying to read the text! Guess it would be much easier on an Ipad for that – need to put one on my Christmas list I think

  2. LOL definitely showing your ‘Over 40’ side :p I do like my Kindle but it will never replace normal books for me. I’ve also made sure that Little Mr A gets used to real books before I start him on electronic ones as I think it is important to appreciate and respect proper books. This looks like a fun story.

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