The Brinkmeyers

The Brinkmeyers – a book review

I needed a new book to read when I went to Spain a while back and The Other Publishing Company very kindly sent me a copy of the newly published The Brinkmeyers.

The BrinkmeyersThe Brinkmeyers is written by Michael Cameron and is available as a 392 page paperback book or as an eBook.  you know which version I opted for don’t you!

The Brinkmeyers, unsurprisingly tells the story of the rather unconventional family headed by Hymie Brinkmeyer.  They live in Farnham, Surrey – somewhere I know very well from my childhood.  That was the first coincidence, the second being that the book is written in the style of blogs, with various characters writing their blog entries as the story unfolds.  A modern-day diary, if you will, with more than one writer.

The Brinkmeyers is rather funny, I got drawn in to this strange family and their antics.  Hymie is a self-made millionaire, a Jewish American, living in England, married to Maggie, the ice queen English rose.  They have 2 children Kevin and Karen who are very dysfunctional, a grandchild and another on the way.

We watch this family as their lives unravel, they realise who they are, and what they really want, and we watch they change, grow and become the people they want to be.

There’s a love story twist or two!  Hymie’s secretary Colleen has been in love with him for years, one day Hymie wakes up from the sadness that is his marriage, and realises he’s been hiding his true feelings from Colleen for a very long time.

I loved the way The Brinkmeyers is written, it made me giggle but also kept me intrigued, wanting to find out what would become of this family.  It’s not my normal kind of reading, but I’m really glad that I opened the first page and started on my journey.

disclaimer:  I was sent this book for the purpose of review, my comments however still remain my own honest opinions.


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