The Captain’s Girl

The Captain’s Girl

Being a big fan of Poldark and all things relating to Cornwall, I knew I was going to enjoy reading The Captain’s Girl by Nicola Pryce.  Published through Corvus Books in July this year, The Captain’s Girl is set in the eighteenth century as we follow the adventures of young Celia Cavendish and is the second in the Cornish set, saga series.

The Captain's Girl

Celia’s future has been mapped out for her by her father Sir Charles Cavendish MP.  He’s arranged for her to be married to the notoriously cruel Viscount Vallenforth to raise their standing and fortune. When Celia sees his brutality first hand she knows she has to escape and create her own destiny, she want’s so much more from life.  But in 1793 going against her parents wishes and those of convention, is no easy task.

She seeks help from her family’s neighbours Sir James and Lady Polcarrow, and so begins a journey that will change the course of her life forever.  She hopes to track down her cousin Arbella who ran away to marry her true love but instead narrowly escapes being robbed. Celia finds herself aboard the Polcarrow owned cutter L’Aigrette, heading out to sea with Captain Arnaud who isn’t quite what he seems.

With the French Revolution threatening to upturn society in England, spies are rife. She finds herself surrounded by a world she’s been sheltered from, full of intrigue and a reality she has never known before. She returns home in the vain hope that her parents will release her from her engagement, and also to secure the happiness of her younger sister Charity.  Although she helps her sister find love in a union it soon becomes clear that her father is a monster and that Celia herself has no hope of escape.  But maybe luck and love will favour The Captain’s Girl after all.

I really enjoyed reading The Captain’s Girl and revisiting familiar Cornish towns, but in a time long passed.  You really root for Celia and want her to escape the confines of her class.  Will Captain Arnaud turn out to be a traitor or a hero?  You’ll need to read The Captain’s Girl for yourself to find it.  There are some interesting twists in the book and I’m now off to back track and read the first book, Pengelly’s Daughter!  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links for both books below for your reference.

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  1. I think I should start from the beginning, and enjoy all three books. I am currently reading The Cornish Lady, and Charity Cavendish makes an appearance. I haven’t read much yet, but so far enjoy it. The setting feels authentic, and I love books set in Cornwall.

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