The Christmas Show

The Christmas Show – 12 Days of Christmas books – Day 10 – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this book for the purpose of review

As we all prepare for our childrens’ School Nativity Play’ next month I thought my next book in the 12 Days of Christmas Books post was quite apt.  Thanks to PanMacmillan I can share with you The Christmas Show by Rebecca Patterson.

The Christmas Show

This 32-page paperback book tells us all about The Christmas Show from a child’s point of view.  A little boy, who is obviously not very good at paying attention (reminds me of someone…..), can’t remember which part he has in the play.

The Christmas Show

My son giggled through this story, The Christmas Show is something we can all relate to.  All the preparations, the boring bits when you have nothing to do, getting all the costumes ready.  The anxiety and someone always feeling a little bit poorly before the performance.

We follow the little boy in The Christmas Show as he gets his shepherd’s outfit, and prepares for the big show.  Will he remember his lines, will he remember the song and dances?  Well, yes, but maybe not in the right order.

The Christmas Show

The Christmas Show has given my son and me some good discussion points.  He is not very good at telling me what he gets up to at Nursery School.  The standard reply to ‘what have you done today?’ is always ‘Nothing Mummy!’  This book has opened up a conversation.  He does do something at Nursery School after all!

We’ve really enjoyed reading The Christmas Show together, it’s funny, you can easily relate to the characters.  It’s a perfect story for this time of year.

My son is an Angel in his Nativity play, what are your kids going to be?



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