The Dark Room

The Dark Room – AD sent for review

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If you’re looking for a gripping thriller to distract you from the grey days we’re currently experiencing then I can recommend The Dark Room by Sam Blake.  Published through Corvus earlier this month, it’s a real page-turner with twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end.

The Dark Room

In The Dark Room, we meet two central characters with only their Irish heritage in common.  Rachel Lambert works in the film industry but lives on a riverboat with her filmmaker boyfriend in London whilst Caroline Kelly is a successful crime reported based in New York.  Both women end up staying in a remote country house hotel called Hare’s Landing, back in Ireland, for totally different reasons, but it soon becomes clear that they will need to work together to solve two different mysteries.

Rachel has arrived in Ireland after her boyfriend was involved in a road traffic accident leaving him hospitalised  Their houseboat had also been burgled.  Hunter is a documentary director who had been working on a piece focusing on the homeless and his main contact, ‘Alfie Bows’ had disappeared. Rachel was tasked to find him and the only clue Hunter had for her to go on was that he played the violin and had once visited Hare’s Landing with a friend some years ago.  She soon discovers that Alfie has been killed in a tent fire, but could the fire, burglary and traffic accident all be linked?

Caroline is being threatened with a lawsuit and is surprised that her boss Greta, doesn’t appear to be backing her up, and instead is suspending her whilst an investigation is carried out.  Feeling like she needs to get away from the city she decides to head back to Ireland and books herself into a hotel in the middle of nowhere so she can leave technology behind and spend time totally unwinding.  But she soon discovers that she can’t switch off her investigator’s mind and it isn’t long before she’s trying to uncover the secrets of the death of the hotel’s previous owner and looks into a missing person’s case dating back thirty years.

The women are the only guests at the hotel and soon they join forces in The Dark Room as their stories become entwined.  I don’t want to give the plot away, but I can tell you that I found the characters so believable and I was enthralled from the start of the story. You can feel the tensions rising as the plot unfolds and are surprised to see how the various characters are linked as the ghosts of the past are unveiled.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this book for review. I was interested in reading “The dark room” for recognizing characters and events happened in this volume. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time as I need to be involved in programming more but reading more information about every hero I understood I don’t need to postpone this process and decided to read the book immediately!

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