The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us – review and giveaway

I’ve just finished reading The Distance Between Us by Georgie Capron and wanted to tell you all about it.  Released earlier this year through Aria Fiction, this is the third novel from the author and someone I’ve only recently discovered.

The Distance Between Us

We meet Tasha, a stay at home mother of three, and wife of Charlie for eleven years.  She happily left her job as a GP when they started a family, whilst her husband remained in a successful position in the city.  From the outside they look like they have it all, great relationship, happy children, lovely home.  But as anyone whose been in a long-term relationship will know, it’s very easy to take those you love for granted.

Tasha is the one who keeps everything at home on an even keel, rarely getting a moment to herself, whilst her husband breezes in and out with barely a backwards glance. She doesn’t feel appreciated or listened to, when Charlie comes home from work late, tired and distracted. They’ve become distant from each other and perhaps their marriage isn’t as perfect as she’d thought.

She’s been looking forward to a girlie night our with friends for ages and when Charlie is late leaving work her plans for the evening are dashed.  His flippant response makes her feel undervalued and uncared for.  The events of this evening will have disastrous effects for all concerned.

We read on as Tasha’s actions lead to upset and recriminations as her whole world falls apart.  Trust is lost and communication breaks down.  Can Tasha and Charlie ever get back what they’ve lost?

The Distance Between Us is a good read and certainly keeps you turning the page to see how and if the couple can repair their relationship and save their marriage.  It’s a story line that in parts I can certainly empathise with, it’s very easy to stop communicating and appreciating what others do within a relationship.

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The Distance Between Us

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The Distance Between Us gift bundle worth 25.00

145 thoughts on “The Distance Between Us – review and giveaway

  1. Some things between parent and child should be taken for granted but, as for the rest, start with honest conversations then try withholding.

  2. i try and make it equal between me and my partner who does things! i also get the kids involved too in little chores so they can learn how t look after themselves!

  3. Now and again, I take a day just for myself and my husband notices all the things that have not been done!

  4. I would like to think I’m not taken for granted we do all chip in but I guess i do the majority .

  5. Go on ” necessary duty only ” – hot meal on the table – no treats no ironing and no outings – the family soon get the drift and start pulling their weight

  6. I go on strike until they finally notice that things are not being done, it sometimes takes a while, they seem not to notice the mess!

  7. I’m lucky I don’t often feel as though I’m taken for granted, but if I do I find it best just to be open and honest and talk to everyone about how I feel.

  8. If i feel like i am being taken for granted, I sulk lol. I get everyone to do everything I would normally do so they can see what it is i actiually do

  9. By making sure I have some time to myself whether its even just a walk, a nice long soak in the bath or coffee with the girls x

  10. I haven’t really thought about it that way to be honest. It has to be others responsibility to make sure you are not taken too much for granted … otherwise there will be no tea on the table or clean clothes to wear 😉 x

  11. Make showing appreciation for what others do a part of every day life. I always say thank you for little or big things and my partner does the same.

  12. Let them all know how much I appreciate their help and have fun doing anything together – even washing up or cleaning the bathroom!

  13. Both before and after children hubby and I have always worked hard at being equal members of a team.

  14. We share the things that are done so we all feel appreciated and no one feels taken for granted

  15. Now and again, I throw my toys out of the pram and have a strop but generally I’m not very good at asserting my position – and I do get taken for granted quite a lot…

  16. There are specific tasks which are done by the others – the majority is mine but my husband is doing the vacuuming, the dishwasher, etc and my daughter is doing pairing of socks, and tidying her room

  17. Sometimes I get my kids to help out with chores so they can see just how long these things take.

  18. We talk to each other, and try not to sweat the small stuff, we all like to have ‘me time’ that helps

  19. Encourage expressions of gratitude, thankfulness, compassion, etc. Aim towards an attitude and acceptance of we are all individuals, sharing time, space, resources, etc. So good to learn a good variety of tasks, etc :- So as to build up some independence, and self reliance. Rather than depend on another. Can then take turns with tasks, treat an individual to a “Rest Day “, manage if someone is ill, or needs to be elsewhere, etc.

    We are together through choice, love and respect for one another is important. By learning tasks and building up skills we become enabled, less dependent, and can share or divide necessary tasks. Strengthens the whole group:- I hope.

  20. I delegate tasks within the household, sometimes you don’t realise how much actually goes into things unless you have done it yourself, so I have always encouraged the kids to help so that they do appreciate what I do.

  21. All I ask from my daughter is to work hard at school and in return she can take me for granted all she likes,

  22. As we both work we tend to take it in turns to cook the evening meal.I do find i do the lions share of housework and occasionally have to say something, to make things fair with the workload.

  23. I always let my other half know if I am not feeling appreciated and he always do his best to not make me feel like that he will always help with the chores and jobs that need doing xx

  24. Occasionally I’ll ask other people in the family to do a job I do, as a one off. They’re always surprised at how time consuming it is and how I do it without complaining!

  25. Hmmm I guess lots of us feel taken for granted from tine to time. I suppose the best way to avoid/change this would be to voice your feelings and make sure that others know what is expected of them, and visa versa.

  26. I always made meal times a time for family, no T V etc so everyone had a chance to talk surprising how good it was at making everyone appreciate each other. Plans where made, differances sorted, grievances aired with love and laughter.

  27. If I ever felt taken for granted I would make sure I spoke to the family about it and keep communicating.

  28. I try and have really open communication and say if I need help or if I we need to take turns doing things etc..

  29. I have never really had that problem, but if I did I would explain how I felt and hopefully that would make them think

  30. It doesn’t always work, but we try to encourage the children put their own toys away so they know jobs don’t just happen by magic.

  31. I make sure everyone gets involved and if I ever feel like I’m taken for granted I will tell them how I feel

  32. I don’t think I am taken for granted, but I feel like my Mum is a lot, so I try my best to help her out

  33. I think I do get taken for granted by my children, but not by my husband. He knows how hard I work and we try to spilt chores etc between us so neither of us feels taken for granted.

  34. I think the only ones who took me for granted is the kids and no mater how much I asked for simply things like don’t use a bath sheet to dry your hair with it never worked. They are all grown up now but my son still knows that if he asks me or his dad to do anything we will. I think most of it is just being parents and kids push you to your limits daily. The trick is not to let it get to you otherwise it will wear you down.

  35. Sadly I have to but don’t always like to say No! Not that I mind helping people especially my children but, there is only so many hrs in a day.

  36. I make sure my children know that they are lucky to receive the things they do and go the places we go. I have been a bit of a doormat but now I make sure IIstand up for myself. My ex took me for granted for 13 years before we broke up.

  37. Taken for Granted is a part of close relationships – we all take for granted that our loved ones are there for us, and are doing their best for us. as we do for them – it is a two way street. We all do things for eachother without needing to be thanked constantly – that would get a bit wearing from both sides.I dont feel taken for granted when I do things for my family – I enjoy doing things for my family because that is love, and love doesnt need fanfares x

  38. Everyone plays a part so nobody gets taken for granted, plus appreciation showed to everyone helps a lot 🙂

  39. We seem to have grown into different household roles. I try not to worry too much about the housework, it will get done at some point!

  40. I think it’s key to let people know, but not in a whiny, nagging way – just talk to each other!

  41. I think, although sometimes very hard, you have to be honest and communicate. It’s so easy to keep quiet just to keep the peace even though you’re distraught on the inside. It’s hard for someone to put something right if they don’t know what they’ve done wrong.

  42. mostly have a strop about doing all the laundry!! but on a more positive note i arrange days out walking where we are all together and get the chance to have fun where i don’t feel the need to to tidy and feel grumpy about it!

  43. Everyone chips in so that I don’t get left to pick up after everyone and avoid feeling that way

  44. We are all pretty good at getting the chores done. But occasionally I am left to do everything. If it goes on for too long I go away for the day, just myself. No washing done, nothing in for tea. They then realise how much I actually do and I have a lovely day out.

  45. by teaching my 7 year old to be a little independent, she can make her breakfast and sandwiches etc, getting both girls to help with chores. Hubby knows his job lol like putting bins out, cutting grass, cleaning up after himself and ironing his own shirts he is out about 12 hours a day working while im at home.

  46. My daughter (6 yrs) has a list of jobs she can help with and a list of rewards (all based around time doing things together)

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