The Dog Detectives in an .... American Adventure

The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure

I’m spending a lot of time with Monkey these days talking about the big wide world, I’m a map fan and he loves his globe.  We talk about my travels and where our friends live worldwide.  He has an American school friend who will be returning to the States when the school year ends and I’ve discovered a great picture book which is showing Monkey some different parts of America in a fun way.  Let me introduce you to The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure.

The Dog Detectives in an .... American Adventure

The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure is the fourth book in the Dog Detectives series, published in January this year.  It was our first meeting with Detective Jack and Deputy Poco Loco but it looked like a fun read.

Written by Zoa Gypsy and illustrated by Monika Suska, the dog detectives are enjoying a lovely day at the beach in sight of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge when an unexpected visitor lands right in their sandcastle.  Enter Miss Imogen, a New Yorker opossum who is a rather long way from home having got stuck in a storm on her balloon ride.

The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure offer to show Miss Imogen the way home on their bikes and so the fun begins.

The Dog Detectives in an .... American Adventure

It soon becomes clear that the dog detectives have my sort of sense of direction as they end up in Alaska, Texas and Louisiana – but can they finally get Miss Imogen back to her home in New York City?

You all know I love books that offer lots of discussion.  The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure is just such a picture book.  We talked about New Orleans and what Mardi Gras is, Monkey could see some of the alligators we’d seen recently came from too. At the back of the book there are a couple of pages of American facts which we’ve both enjoyed reading.

Priced at £6.99 this is a great picture book and I have a feeling we might need to check out the others in the series. My affiliate link is shown below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

6 thoughts on “The Dog Detectives in an …. American Adventure

  1. That book is so cute and I’ve never heard of it before. Love the illustrations and the kids love dogs so it would go down well in our house! x

  2. It looks like a great picture book, the illustrations look wonderful. Very cute and sketchy. I think Luke is way too young for a book like this; well the content at least anyway, I’m sure he’d enjoy the pictures. Glad you found it a lovely educational tool though. 🙂 Ray xx

  3. This looks like a great book and it’s brilliant that you can tie into the interest with your son’s American friend too!
    Brilliant and thanks for linking to the #weekendbookclub

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