The Dragon's Dentist

The Dragon’s Dentist – a book review

Our latest Early Reader book from Orion Books is rather apt!  Monkey is learning all about Dragon’s at school at the moment and we’ve both had check-ups at the Dentist recently.  The Dragon’s Dentist is written by John McLay with lovely illustrations from Martin Brown.

The Dragon's DentistThe Dragon’s Dentist is a Blue Early Reader, aimed at 5-year-old children just starting to read.  As I’ve explained previously Monkey is 4 years old, but will happily sit and listen as I read him the Early Reader books.  He has no problem is listening to the whole 76 pages of this book in one go.  I believe it’s good to start early, it’s the norm for us to read all sorts of books together.  It’s the start of his reading journey.

This is a lovely little story about a little boy called Harry, who dreams of being a brave knight like his father, elder brother and sister.  Harry has a companion – his beloved horse, Oats, who seems to like eating oats rather a lot.   How could Harry’s dreams come true?  He decided that the only way to prove his worth is to capture the fearsome Dragon, Eric!

So off he sets with Oats to capture the Dragon.

The Dragon's DentistWhen Harry meets Eric, he’s not quite the terrifying Dragon he’d imagined.  In fact, he’s a Dragon in pain, he’s got toothache.  But who is brave enough to be the Dragon’s Dentist? Can Harry prove himself brave enough for the challenge?

Monkey and I have really enjoyed this Early Reader, it’s related so well to topics being covered at Nursery School and we’ve discussed our recent trip to the Dentist and what happens if little boys and large Dragon’s don’t clean their teeth properly!

These books really are worth £4.99 of anyone’s money in my opinion.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Orion books are very good to start for young children. This book is great to tell kids to brush teeth!

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