The Farts of Gratitude

The Farts of Gratitude – AD sent for review and giveaway

We’ve recently discovered the Danny Dingle Fantastic Finds series of children’s chapter books which are written by Angie Lake.  Last week saw the publication of the latest instalment in the series, called The Farts of Gratitude.  From the title alone I knew my son might just be interested in reading this book with me.

The Farts of Gratitude

Even a reluctant reader like my nine-year old son couldn’t fail to be interested in the mention of farts and a super secret spy notebook.

The book is written with lots of humour kids will enjoy and has comic style illustrations throughout.  The Farts of Gratitude stands up as a standalone book, but once you’ve read it, you may well want to invest in the first four books in the series too.

The Farts of Gratitude

In this particular book we join Danny Dingle and his best friend Percy McDuff AKA Brass Invader have been on a top-secret mission to Spain, under the cover of a family holiday.  Which parents would take them on this mission was decided over a wrestling match held in a paddling pool full of baked beans.  And so began the adventure for the boys to meet up with the superhero Metal Face.

We also get to meet Danny’s pet toad Superdog, who just happens to fart a lot and be telepathic. Chaos ensues as they smuggle Superdog on holiday, ruining Danny’s Dad’s suitcase and clothes.  Then a toad is found in the pool and the pool is closed.  Wherever Daddy goes, trouble seems to follow.  The Farts of Gratitude is aimed perfectly at KS2 children and my son has found it really funny.

The boys come up with all sorts of inventions, that don’t always work as expected.  When the boys are out for ice creams they notice that Metal Face and his cool new band G.A.G are playing a concert close by, they manage to talk Danny’s Dad into taking them to the concert. At the end of the gig they get to meet their hero and get given their mission – to make the world rock out.  So it’s back to school to put a plan together.

The Farts of Gratitude

The Farts of Gratitude

It’s not long before the whole school is involved with making a noise and a Battle of the Bands is planned.  Will it all go to plan?

Kids are going to love The Farts of Gratitude and you can find out more about the series of Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds, as well as activity packs on the Sweet Cherry Publishing website. As am Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases and have included purchasing links below for your reference.

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I’ve teamed up with Sweet Cherry Publishing to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of The Farts of Gratitude worth £6.99 for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The Farts of Gratitude worth £6.99

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