The Fire Child

The Fire Child

Back in March 2015 I was first introduced to S K Tremayne and his novel The Ice Twins, I loved it, couldn’t put it down. So when the Mumsnet Blogger Panel asked me if I’d like to read his latest release, The Fire Child, I was never going to say no was I.

The Fire Child

We meet Rachel Daly, a young woman from London, who thinks she’s got it all.  She’s recently married the wealthy lawyer, David Kerthen, and gained a stepson in his young son Jaime.  All is well until Rachel arrives at the family home, Carnhallow House, in western Cornwall.

This book kept me guessing until the very end and I couldn’t wait to start each chapter to see which twist and turn awaited me.

As the story unfolds we soon realise that nothing is perfect about Rachel and her new life. She’s very much deserted in Cornwall with her step son Jaime, her mother in law (suffering with some level of dementia) and the ghost of her husbands first wife. Her new husband meanwhile is spending his weeks working in London and consequently she’s very isolated.

Jaime isn’t the happy carefree boy he was in London, no surprise really as he’d only lost his mother 2 years ago. As we wander through the twists and turns of the story Rachel learns more of what happened to the perfect Nina and how she died. Is she actually dead in fact, as no body has been found?  Rachel becomes more and more uneasy as she learns more about the house, Nina and the family history of the Kerthen family.

Could Nina be alive, is Jaime seeing and hearing things, is Rachel hiding her own ghosts? The Fire Child builds and builds as Rachel and the family head towards Christmas.  Jaime has told her that she, like Nina will be dead by Christmas.  Is he right, or will her life begin again?

The Fire Child is so atmospheric as is the story’s backdrop of the rugged Cornish landscape.  An area full of disused tin mines, and tunnels reaching far out under the sea. The ending in unexpected and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I don’t want to ruin the full storyline for you, buy The Fire Child, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you’d like to order it for yourself.

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