The Giant of Jum

The Giant of Jum

Last week saw the publication of a lovely new picture book called The Giant of Jum. Written by Elli Woollard and with great illustration from Benji Davies, we meet a rather hungry giant and he wants something to eat!

The Giant of JumFull of rhyming text, The Giant of Jum had Monkey enthralled from the start.  The Giant was hungry and he liked to eat children!  So off in search of a yummy kiddie shaped snack he goes, and in particular he quite fancies eating Jack, but probably not his beanstalk.

But little did The Giant of Jum realise how clever children can be, as they manage to sidetrack him from his mission.

The Giant of Jum

The Giant of Jum turns out to be a rather helpful giant and the children show him that he’s a much nicer person than he thinks he is.  So instead of eating Jack, they persuade him to try something far tastier.

This is a lovely story, with a humourous ending and Monkey has really enjoyed it.  We can thoroughly recommend.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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