The Hugging Bears

The Hugging Bears – a book review

I haven’t been to Kensington Gardens in London for a long time, but apparently the gardens are home to a statue of two bears hugging.  This statue is the inspiration behind a book we recently received called The Hugging Bears, by Carol Butcher.

The Hugging Bears

Published by Austin Macauley on 31st October, The Hugging Bears is a 16 page hardback book which tells the story of two little bear cubs – Ruggley and  his sister Teddi.  They’ve been born in a cave in the midst of winter and get to explore the world outside with their mother.

The Hugging Bears

We follow the two bears as they learn that the outside world can be a cruel place when their mother is shot and killed.  The young cubs are rescued by some passing ranchers and are lovingly hand reared by the children.

Sadly, as the bears mature they are split up and sent in different directions and have very different experiences.  Will they ever see each other again?  You know I never ruin an ending.

The Hugging Bears is a story which has given Monkey and I much to talk about.  He’s seen brown bears at Whipsnade Zoo so knows that can live in captivity.  We’ve discussed their natural habitat and why some humans are quite cruel to animals.

The only thing I’m not keen on with this book, is the font and changes in colour of the text. My eyesight, even with contact lens could be better, and I found the font off-putting, and couldn’t see any benefit in having colour changes to the text.  But that’s just my opinion.

We liked the story itself.  It’s worth noting that the profits from this £10.99 book will go the charity, Happy Child International, which supports the street children of Brazil.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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