The Judas Scar

The Judas Scar – a book review

disclosure:  we were sent this book as part of the BritMums Book Club, my comments remain my own opinions.

Thank you BritMums Book Club for another cracking read!  I’ve recently finished The Judas Scar by Amanda Jennings and I loved it.

The Judas Scar

The Judas Scar is the second novel by Amanda Jennings and was published in May this year.  I have to be honest, when I realised early on, that one of the main characters, Harmony, had had a miscarriage, I wondered if I could actually read the book.  Hidden emotions had resurfaced here recently with the Mumsnet campaign and one of the key-note speakers at BritMums Live.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready for more.  But actually, I was with Harmony from the start and her struggle to accept what she’d lost.

The story of The Judas Scar revolves around three central characters – Will, his wife Harmony and his once best friend from boarding school, Luke.  We follow them as lies and deceit bind them together and threaten to tear them all apart.

It’s one of those thrillers where you have no idea where it is leading, it grabs you and you find it difficult to put down.  I was intrigued to find out more about the complex history between Will and Luke and life at boarding school.  I was bullied at my last Secondary School – apparently, I was too posh (so not true), my parent’s house was too big – if only! So I could relate to some of this part of the story too.

I love books that keep you guessing, where the tension mounts, where characters let you down and others surprise you.  The Judas Scar is one of those books that you don’t actually want to end because you enjoy reading it so much.

If you’ve not read it – you should.  As always I’m not going to spoil the plot; issues are resolved, happiness can be found, the rest is up to you to discover for yourself.


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