The Kids’ Family Tree Book

The Kids’ Family Tree Book

I’m always rather amazed that being the history nut that I am, that I never looked at my own family history until my parents were emigrating some 12 years ago.  Once you start looking into the branches of your own family it really does become quite addictive.  I’m aware as older parents, that I need to make sure that my nearly 8 year old son has all the tools available to answer questions about his family why we are around to ask.  I’m hoping The Kids’ Family Tree Book will help him along the way.

The Kids' Family Tree Book

Written by Caroline Leavitt, the 127 page paperback The Kids’ Family Tree Book was published last month through Sterling Children’s Books.  It ‘s aimed at children aged 8-12 years and is full of useful information and advice to help budding genealogists record their own family history.

My son is actually very lucky as both myself and his Auntie have done a huge amount of family research which covers every branch of his family tree.  But I do think it’s important for him to ask his own questions and create his own facts and figures.

It’s worth being aware that The Kids’ Family Tree Book was originally written for an American audience so some of the information is a little US centric, but in most parts the idea is the same.  We hold census information in the UK in the same way, and most records are easily traced online these days.

The book talks you through different research ideas and ways to create fun projects.  I really like the idea of creating a family movement map with my son and I think we might work on that during the next school holidays.  With family living across the world, it will be a great project for my son and help with his geography skills too.

The Kids' Family Tree Book

The Kids’ Family Tree Book is a real project book and one that’s we’re going to enjoy working through together.

The Kids' Family Tree Book

With my son’s grandparents living in Spain, I can see them being asked lots of questions the next time we go over to see them.

The book shows you how people are related within a family going back through the generations and also shows examples of how illnesses that might have been listed on certificates have changed.  I wonder if my Granny might have been more forthcoming for fact about her family if I’d asked her as a child!  I think I might have been able to pull a trump card or two then, less so as an adult.

Priced at £6.99 The Kids’ Family Tree Book provides a good framework for children to learn about genealogy and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

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9781454923206 – Paperback – £6.99 – Sterling

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