The Lego Movie DVD

The Lego Movie DVD – a review

When we were asked if we’d like to review The Lego Movie DVD for price tracking website Suppose!com I thought it would go down well with Monkey.

The Lego Movie DVD

Monkey is just starting on his Lego journey and I was interested to see how the Lego would translate into a movie!

The Lego Movie DVD

I was told before watching The Lego Movie DVD that we’d soon found out that ‘everything is awesome’.  It didn’t take long to grasp that for ourselves!

The Lego Movie DVD runs for just over an hour and half and it introduces us to a construction worker (Monkey just loved that idea) Emmet.  Poor Emmet is at work when comes across Wyldstyle and becomes instantly lovestruck with some awesome (sorry, I couldn’t help it) consequences.  I loved the idea of Wyldstyle – the girl heroine, great to see some role reversal.

Wyldstyle believes that Emmet is ‘the Special’ who will save the Lego universe.  He is so shocked at seeing her he falls down a hole and finds the missing ‘piece of resistance’.  We then follow the story as he comes face to face with Bad Cop and learns of Lord Business’s plan to ‘glue’ and therefore freeze the world.

The Lego Movie DVD is rather clever, some of the plot went totally over Monkey’s head but he enjoyed it.  The animation is good and it’s an entertaining way to spend an afternoon after school.

There’s a nice twist when Emmet ends up in the ‘real world’ and we see how the story has come about through the imagination of a little boy called Finn.

The Lego Movie DVD is definitely worth watching and is a real family friendly film.   It would make a great Christmas present too.

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The Lego Movie DVD

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD by Suppose!com in exchange for an honest review

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