The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children

The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children – AD sent for review and giveaway

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You may recall that recently I reviewed a book about remarkable children, which included the story of a child which has stuck with me ever since my own childhood. Today I’m sharing two books with you which are perfect for children in Upper Key Stage Two.  The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children are both published through Welbeck and offer a real insight into the reality of life for Jews during WWII in Europe.

The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children

I still have my copy of The Diary of Anne Frank that a read at around the same age as my ten-year-old son.  It’s hard to believe that this February marked the 75th anniversary of Anne Frank’s death.  I feel that it’s as relevant as ever that our children learn about Anne and the fate of millions of other Jews across Europe during World War II.  The Life of Anne Frank comes in a slipcase and consists of a hardback book and folder containing a number of activities and facsimile documents.

The Life of Anne Frank

The Life of Anne Frank book is written by Kay Woodward and starts by introducing readers to Anne and her family and how as the Nazis came to power, the family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The Life of Anne Frank

The book combines photographs and short bursts of facts to provide children with a great insight into Anne’s life and the events that led to her keeping her diary.

The Life of Anne Frank

As we’ve been going through lockdown we’ve all become acutely aware of how our lives have changed, how our freedom has been curtailed, but imagine being hidden away, fearful of discovery every day.

The Life of Anne Frank

Through the pages of the book, we learn about the people that helped Anne and her family stay hidden over their time in Prinsengract 263 along with the Van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer.  We learn about daily life in hiding and the tensions of living in a confined space with the constant threat of capture and ultimately, death.

Ultimately the family were found, who knows if they were betrayed or if it was just bad luck.  I have a very clear memory of Otto Frank, Anne’s father, being on Blue Peter when I was a child.  He was the only member of the family to survive the concentration camps.

The Life of Anne Frank

He went back to Amsterdam after the war and was given Anne’s unread diaries and he spent the rest of his life ensuring that future generations could read her words, and know her story.

There are symbols throughout the main The Life of Anne Frank book which takes you on to further activities in the booklet.

The Life of Anne Frank

From maps to identification papers, to pages which will hopefully inspire children to start their own diaries.

The Life of Anne Frank

The Holocaust A History for Children is written by Philip Steele and is a 95-page book commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1945.  It is a really useful asset for Key Stage children and beyond who are learning about the Holocaust.

The Holocaust A History for Children

The pages are full of photographs, maps and graphics along with bitesize chunks of information in The Holocaust A History for Children.

The Holocaust A History for Children

Readers learn about the history of the Jewish people as they moved around Europe over the centuries through to life in Germany between the world wars, and the rise of hatred during the German depression.

The Holocaust A History for Children

They can see for themselves examples of posters used by the Nazis to illustrate their ideas and propagate hatred and prejudice amongst the population.

The Holocaust A History for Children

The Holocaust A History for Children

As the Germans march across Europe there’s a pictorial view of their invasion and the subsequent deportation of millions of Jews and other ‘undesirables’.

The Holocaust A History for Children

Children can read about the experiences of those who were dehumanized by the regime and reduced to numbers and symbols.

The Holocaust A History for Children

But they also learn about the people who rescued many people from certain death and ultimately after the war about those who were finally brought to justice at the Nuremberg trials.

The Holocaust A History for Children

The Holocaust A History for Children tells the stories of survivors and how the state of Israel was founded and provides a great source of reference for those learning about this bleak period of history.

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The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children, worth £24.98

125 thoughts on “The Life of Anne Frank and The Holocaust A History for Children – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I want to win these for my daughter, she has a keen interest in History and we have been watching WW2 documentaries recently learning about the war but we haven’t touched on the Holocaust as yet. It was truly a horrendous time in history and one that must never be forgotten or replicated. These books would be a great way to explain the holocaust and Anne Frank. I visited her house many years ago and it was haunting. I hope to take my daughter there one day.

  2. Our middle girl would appreciate these. I am a keen student of history so books are a good way to introduce a discussion at home as well as supporting the curriculum at school.

  3. My friends’ daughter would love these, she loves learning anything new, and this could start her off learning about WWII

    1. I’d give this to my 12 year old daughter. She loves history and did a play with her drama group last year about what it was like in a concentration camp. I think she’d relate to the Anne Frank book as she’s a similar age.

  4. I’d give this to my two older granddaughters to help with their home schooling and to help them understand that lockdown as they are experiencing it isn’t as great a hardship as that faced by the Frank family.

    1. I would give it to my stepdaughter as she is very interested in history, though I think this is something the whole family would find interesting.

  5. I’d give these books to my oldest boy, he’s home educated full time (not just during COVID) and we’re currently learning about WW2.

    1. It’s important to me to teach my family about WW2 because we had ancestors on the English and German sides.

  6. Who will you give these books to if you win and why?
    to my grandson because he loves history and his grandad has told him so much already about Anne Frank . . . he would be delighted

    1. I would give this to my son. He’s fascinated with history and I think this is something he would really enjoy.

  7. I would gift them to my next door neighbour. She is history mad and loves to read up on anything related to the world wars!

  8. I’d probably give them to one of my nieces as they’re probably at an age where they will appreciate them.

  9. I think that the boys may find these interesting so I’d give them to them. Was supposed be going to Anne Franks house in April – we didn’t make it!!!

  10. My grandchildren would find these interesting and I could tell them all about my visit to the Anne Frank house a few years ago!

  11. I would like to win for my nephew and niece, they would be very interested in Anne Frank’s story.

  12. I would give to my children as they look very good and also a great way to learn about our past and to learn about Anne Frank , I remember as a child I didn’t really want to read Anne Franks book but this book looks much more ‘child friendly’ and would encourage more to know about her and her life.

    1. I would give this to my son as he is really interested in Anne Frank and these would be really educational

  13. I don’t have my own children, but I would make sure that these books are donated to either a junior or senior school to be accessed by children wishing to learn more about this period of history.

  14. The books will be a little treat for myself because I enjoy learning about this subject and I would like to brush up on my knowledge.

  15. My son as he is learning about this in history at the moment, online lessons obviously but this would help him.

  16. I would give these to my 10 year old daughter who loves reading all kinds of books

    1. My nephew – history in a language suitable for his age – sure he will love anc benefit so much

      1. I would keep these to read first before passing them on. I’m.currently reading Ann Frank’s diary as I went to Amserdam in feb and visited the house so have an interest in.these kind of put things into perspective with what we are going through with the lockdown

  17. I would give these to my daughter, she is showing a real interest in history and I think it is important that every child has an understanding of this period and the holocaust.

  18. These are books both myself and both my parents would love, so I’d give them to mum and when they’ve both read them, I’d borrow them back lol!

    1. I would read them with my son. I have been to Auschwitz and he was very interested in the history of it (he did not come) I had shown him pictures and explained about what had happened and he would like to visit when he is older and I think these books would be great to educate him more about this.

  19. Id love to read this and so would my mother in law. I’ve also entered twitter apps but it wouldn’t complete.

  20. I would keep them and then read them with my nephew when he is older to teach him. It’s a period in history that I am so interested in as my grandad was polish. I have visited many holocaust and history museums around the world and its a piece of history that everyone needs to learn about.

  21. I wctsould give these to one of my older grandchildren who enjoys history. It is one of his favourite school subjects

  22. This would be an interesting book for my eldest grandson and I may learn something myself

  23. My grandson would really enjoy this book as he loves history and always wants to learn more

  24. I’d keep them to share with all of the children I know, because it’s so important that this history is passed on to the next generation, and it’s a subject I’ve always had a great interest in so I’d like to pass on my knowledge at the same time

  25. I would donate them to my child’s school as it’s important for all children to have an understanding of history

  26. I will keep them for my children, I recently read a children’s book about the Holocaust holds The Earth is singing by Vanessa Curtis and would recommend it.

  27. I’d give them to Ikram who loves reading, learning and history. This is a very important part of history to read about.

  28. Would give to my nephew who has a keen interest in history and is always asking lots of questions.

  29. Hello, If I was lucky enough to win then I would give the books to a local charity that helps families in need. Thank you for the chance to win.

  30. My granddaughters to share with their friends – we find it hard to stay in isolation now – Anne stayed in true isolation for years.

  31. I would give this to my son, he enjoys reading history books and was fascinated when i was telling him all about my visit to Krakow

  32. I will give these to my daughter. We have visited the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam and she found it really interesting and emotional. I think it is good for her to know about the past.

  33. I would give this to my eldest daughter as she studied history and would love this.

  34. I would read them first because I think they are really interesting and then I would pass on to my Goddaughter who loves all things historical.

  35. I would give them to my eldest granddaughter but read them with her so we could discuss the content.

  36. I would keep these myself as I am currently reading about the Holocaust and some of the amazing survivors x

  37. I would give these books to my niece, she is coming up to 14, and would love to learn more about history

  38. I’d take these in to the school library, there is always room in our history section for quality books like these.

  39. I’d give them to my granddaughter but I might have to read them myself first. They look fascinating

  40. I would give it to my cousin because they can learn about world war two and to teach them why war isn’t a good thing.

  41. I would love to win these for myself as I like to read historical books, especially those during the wars.

  42. i would like to win these books for my mum as the holocaust is very close to her heart as my grandad was jewish and family were a part of this history

  43. I’d read these myself then save them for my grandson for when he’s a little older

  44. My daughters, who love history and would definitely get a lot out of these books. Great for supporting their school learning, too.

  45. I would give this to my sisters children as they have a fascination with history and would love this

  46. I would give this to my son, he is starting to learn about the world wars and we have given him a brief overview of the holocaust and how we mustn’t treat others differently. This would be perfect to help him understand.

  47. I’d read them myself then donate them to the library at the primary school where my niece teaches, because I think it’s really important for children to know about the Holocaust and understand what it was all about

  48. I would love these for my 11 year old niece – just the right age to learn about Anne Frank

  49. I will save them for my son for when he’s older as such an important part of history to know about

  50. I’d give this wonderful book to my granddaughter ,when she is ready, to understand the shocking industrialised murder of millions of people

  51. I would love to give these to my niece, she is always looking for new things to learn about and these would be ideal new reading material

  52. I would give them to my nephew, as the story must be told to educate young people. I would also love to read these myself.

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