The Little Guide to Science

The Little Guide to Science – review and giveaway

Monkey is getting really interested in anything to do with science and engineering these days. He is like a little sponge, soaking up information, storing it for future reference and then recalling it weeks and even months later.  When I discovered The Little Guide to Science recently, I thought it would be a great little reference book to add to our collection.

The Little Guide to Science

The Little Guide to Science is being published in English in March this year by Happy Museum and is a great factual guide for children as they discover more about the world around them.

The 31 page paperback book discussing everything from microscopes to fossils, storms and electricity to optical illusions.

The Telegraph Morse Code

We’ve seen a Morse Code machine at a couple of museums we’ve visited over the last year but I couldn’t remember the letter sequencing.  Now he has a book which explains the code we’ve been trying out our own signals using this book.

The information with the book is shown in a clear and concise way with lots of illustrations, making it easy for children to understand.  Each section has a quiz element or exercise to be completed, so you can see how well the concept is being digested.

Dinosaurs The Little Guide to Science

We were at a birthday party recently and I was entertaining Monkey and a few other children whilst we were waiting for the party food to be ready.  They’d not seen what happens when you rub a balloon on your head.  Monkey thought my resulting hairdo was hysterical.  I’ve since been able to explain the process with The Little Guide of Science to assist me.

Static Electricity

Monkey has been really engaged with this book, it’s a great educational tool in my opinion and a bargain at £6.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


We’ve enjoyed this book so much that I have 3 copies of The Little Guide to Science to offer to my readers.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!


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The Little Guide to Science

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  2. Mobile phones,we managed before and it really gets on my nerves when people are constantly looking at their phones especially at the table.

  3. I think we could live without the TV because there is so much more we could be doing instead of watching tv.

  4. I couldn’t live without a mobile phone, especially the ones we have today, great to be in touch with people much more easier

  5. cling film – random I know and I accept that it is useful but it drives me crazy and coat-hangers are a similar-hated object of mine. Guaranteed to disturb my happiness when coathangers get tangled with each other and when clingfilm doesn’t un-peel in one whole sheet. So, our food may go uncovered and our clothes crumpled on the wardrobe floor but I’d be happier!

  6. I think life would actually be better without all of today’s technology, it’s useful in its place, but we don’t need to look at Facebook when we’re eating at a meal, or take a picture of it to upload to social media!

  7. I think we could live without bread makers (and most specialized kitchen gadgets). They take up so much space and aren’t really necessary. How hard is it really to make bread the “old fashioned” way.

  8. The kindle. Okay, its fast to download and easy to transport. but you dont need to charge a book do you!?!? 🙂

  9. Facebook, maybe then people would make the effort to meet up :- socialise and have some happy experiences to build good memories for their future. As well as get some fresh air, exercise etc.

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  14. I think we live without television and learn to talk again and spend time as a family, playing games instead.

  15. The smartphone…have you noticed how when you walk around town nowadays no-one seems not to have one stuck to their ears or are gazing blankly down at them. No one speaks to each other or says ‘hello’…it’s quite sad and depressing really?

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  17. I couldn’t live without the invention of electricity. Most newer inventions need electricity to work!

  18. there are loads! im sure we could all go back to basic if we were forced to, but some inventions like cigarettes we would of course all be better off without it

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  20. Mobile phones in public places – why not wait until you get where you are going to make your call instead of getting in my way!

  21. Honestly … I think we are too blessed in our days … but I think living without the microwave I could just about cope without … I love cooking from fresh anyway .. and warming up is easy on a modern cooker xx

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  23. Well, slightly different from most of the others but I think we could of done without the invention of guns and any other invented weaponry.

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  26. electricity – is everything. Without electricity we got nothing, no TV, no washing machine, no kettle, no even light. I couldnt leave without electricity!

  27. Smart phones, everywhere you look today people are tapping away …. they are missing so much in the ‘real’ world

  28. Wine Glass Holder Necklace. You do not need to keep your drink that close. A flat surface at your side is fine. Would probably only splash yourself when it was full anyway.

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  30. the microwave, would be good for people to take their time with cooking plus it tastes processed when cooking that way.

  31. I think we could live without dishwashers because so many people don’t load them properly, and it’s often far more economical to wash by hand and really not difficult!

  32. Mobile phones – we survived without them 20 years ago and people spend so much time on them not even using them for their purpose

  33. Buses becaue they are dirty and have smelly people on them, they are always late and bus drivers are always miserable

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