73 thoughts on “The Logo board game – review and giveaway

  1. I love the Coca Cola logo as it has been round for so long and when I see the advert with the Coca Cola truck I know Christmas is coming!

  2. Tiffany and co. Reminds me of visiting New York on my honeymoon. Also, I am in love with the jewelry.

  3. The xbox logo……This wonderful box means while my husband plays, I get some peace! Lol

  4. I liked the old Children’s BBC logo from when I was a kid cos I loved watching the programmes!

  5. Have a break have a kit-kat is just up my street – a perfect excuse for a cuppa and chocolate

  6. McDonalds, my daughter makes me laugh when we drive past she always says chips!! We don’t go there often!!

  7. kitkat…cause it reminds me to take a break and i just love the skating pandas x

  8. i’m a sucker for the burger king logo

    ever since they moved it away from where i live I just miss it, so when we’re travelling along the motorway and spot that logo we just have to pull over and have a bite to eat

  9. I like 7Up. No idea why, but I suspect it’s something to do with the fact 7Up was considered the ultimate treat when I was a child!

  10. Nike. think its the Just do it campaign, makes me feel more postive about excercising!

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