The Magic of the Portable North Pole

The Magic of the Portable North Pole

Long term readers will know that at this time of year the magic of the Portable North Pole arrives in this house.  I was introduced to PNP by a friend before I ever began this blog, and I knew that we’d be regular visitors for as long as Monkey believes in Father Christmas and the magic that goes with the myth.

The Magic of the Portable North Pole

Although you have a couple of free personalised video options with Portable North Pole, I really love the extra features that the Gold Pass package offers.  For £9.99 you have 6 different personalised Christmas video options and a personalised Birthday video to create too.  Theses videos are much longer (5 minutes), have more personalisation options and you can upload 5 more photos to each video.  All of which adds to the magic.

Firstly you decide which theme you want for your video – Visit and Elf House, Tour the Post Office (our selection for 2015), A Song Just for You, Secret Places, Christmas Eve or Movie Star.  You can preview each video before starting your personalisation to pick your favourite.

Making the magic of the Portable North Pole is so simple, there are numerous click options to personalise your Gold Pass video and you can add your own photos for that special touch. It’s really quick and easy to complete and before you know it your 5 minute personalised video is ready, you can download in HD, email and share to Facebook should you so wish.  You can download the video as many times as you like and there is also a ‘certificate’ from Santa to download too.

With the Gold Pass you can create as many videos as you like, perfect for those of you with more than one child, to make them all feel super special this Christmas.

It’s Monkey’s birthday two weeks today (eek!) and I’ve arranged for Father Christmas to send him a personalised message on the big day, along with his Elf Choir.  Monkey will love it, and the Christmas magic will begin.

Something we’ll be trying out for the first time this year with our Gold Pass package is the Personalised Phone call from Father Christmas.  I’ve listed to our personalised call and it sounds lovely, I’m sure it will leave Monkey speechless.  Again, as with the videos, you get unlimited calls to Father Christmas with this package, so can make numerous versions for different children.

Whether I was blogging or not, we’d be sharing the magic of the Portable North Pole with Monkey this Christmas.  I still remember the look on his face the first year we played him his personalised video, totally priceless.  We also tie it in with our Elf on the Shelf visitor, Berry.  Monkey knows that he has to be extra good when Berry arrives as he lets Father Christmas know whether he’s been good or naughty, and you can tie this in behaviour in with your video and certificate.

PNP donates donates 5% of all online sales to 40 children’s hospitals across the world, 4 of which are based here in the UK.

If you want to create a bit of extra sparkle to the magic this year, I really can recommend Portable North Pole.  Even the grown ups can get in on the act!

disclaimer:  we were given free access to the gold pass package in exchange for this review, but we’d have bought it anyway.  We genuinely love it.

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