The Magic Tooth Fairy Game – review and giveaway

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game – review and giveaway

Monkey is 5 and half now and some of his peers have already started losing their baby teeth.  Although his look firmly entrenched at the moment he already understands the concept of the tooth fairy.  I thought it might be fun to try out The Magic Tooth Fairy Game from Drumond Park and see what Monkey thought.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The game is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and can be played with 2-4 players. Monkey’s attention was grabbed as soon as we opened the box.  The board and play piece characters have a cartoon feel to them and are perfect for this age group.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The game consists of a Magic Bed, Tooth Fairy Wand, 13 golden coins (Monkey was a tad disappointed they weren’t chocolate!!), play board, 4 mouths and teeth, 4 playing pieces and a dice.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Preparing the game is easy – slot the golden coins in the top of the magic bed.

Then give each player a mouth and 4 teeth.  Fit each tooth into the mouth and stand up in front of you.

Set the play board up with the Magic Bed in the Centre of the board and then each player chooses their play piece, and puts them on a space in front of them.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The first time we played The Magic Tooth Fairy Game I set the game up before Monkey came home from school, so the game play would be a total surprise.  It went down well.

As he is the youngest he got to play first.  You spin the spinner on the bed and move your play piece the relevant number of spaces, moving clockwise. (Excuse the state of the school uniform – he was in too much of a hurry to play!)

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

You then follow the instructions of the space you land on.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Woobly Tooth – can you pull your tooth out? Throw the Fairy dice …..

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

…… if it rolls on orange, your tooth isn’t ready to come out yet and play passes to the next player.  If you rolls on blue, congratulations, your tooth is ready to come out.  Pull it out of your mouth and place it in your backpack.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Play then passes to the next player.

Go to Bed – if you don’t already have a tooth in your backpack then play passes on to the next player.  This didn’t always make for easy play with Monkey.  But he is slowly accepting that he can’t always get everything he wants in one go!  If you do have a tooth in your backpack, it’s time to find out if you remembered to put it under your pillow! Spin the arrow on the bed – if it lands on 1, then you had forgotten, and play moves on.  But if the arrow points to 2,3 or 4 then you did remember.

Lift up the magic pillow and place your tooth underneath, then replace your pillow.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Push the Tooth Fairy Wand down in the slot at the head of the bed, make sure it’s pushed down as far as it will go!

Life the pillow up and …….. yes, that good old Magic Tooth Fairy has left a golden coin!

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Spin Again – exactly as it says, spin again, move your play piece on and follow the relevant instructions.

The winner of the game is the first player to swap all their teeth for golden coins.

When you want to play again, just remove all of the teeth from the bottom of the bed, reload the golden coins and you are ready to play again.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game has been a big hit here, and Monkey just loves the who concept of the Magic Bed – teeth going under the pillow and coins coming out.  It’s a fin game and great to see children’s reactions, especially on their first go.  Retailing for £19.99 this is another great family game from Drumond Park.  You can check out their full range and stockists over on their website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review

Now, we’ve had so much fun with The Magic Tooth Fairy Game we’d like to offer you the chance to win this game for yourself.  Just complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!


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The Magic Tooth Fairy Game worth £19.99

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147 thoughts on “The Magic Tooth Fairy Game – review and giveaway

  1. yes, my chilren have started losing teeth and it costs the tooth Fairy a fortune! They started losing them from around the age of 4-5 !

  2. Not as yet, although i get regular updates from the tooth fairy from my 8 year old niece, she’s getting a pro lol x

  3. Yes Lydia has lost quite a few, she’s 7 now, just. She’s obsessed with wobbling loose ones and loves stories about the tooth fairy, she started losing them when she was 6ish!

  4. my daughter started loosing hers at 6, shes only lost 4 so far and is nearly 9 now. One flew out when I yanked a top over her head, it went right across the room and was quite traumatic. Evil mummy!

  5. My oldest is 5, and hasn’t lost any yet. All her friends have, and she is desperate to lose one too!

  6. Only 2, no teeth lost yet, but pretty sure we have had all of them come through! My nieces and nephews though, teeth falling out every week it seems!

  7. We haven’t quite started to lose teeth yet, but my little girl wants to be a ToothFairy when she grows up. She has a school assembly coming up and they have to play rolls of what they want to be when they older. I have made a fab necklace to go with her costume with teeth and tooth brushes on heehee

  8. my little boy is 4 years old and no teeth lost yet but i’m sure it will cost the tooth fairy a fortune when he does.

  9. Not yet. My niece has though and my daughter keeps asking about her teeth falling out and fairies!

  10. My oldest who is nearly 8 has lost quite a few teeth and I think her first one came out when she was five. My son is 6 and is desperate for a wobbly tooth but so far they are staying put!!!!!

  11. I have three kids all under 6, my eldest is nearly 6 but has not started losing his teeth yet. To be honest he is scared about losing them? Not sure why…lol this game may help :p

  12. my eldest had lost eight teeth. he was 6 when he lost his first 2. he was one of the last in his year to start losing them

  13. Yes, started at 6 years old, it’s so sad, it’s the start of them beginning to grow up!

  14. My Niece has just started loosing hers and she is 5! she looks so cute with one of her front teeth missing lol!

  15. The Mother says – A great idea for a board game.
    Lucas says – Don’t forget we still expect real money when our teeth fall out. That’s the Tooth Fairy Law!!! he he 🙂

  16. Yes my older two have but my younger two haven’t lost any yet. my daughter was 7 when she lost her first and my son was a bit earlier as his front tooth got knocked out while he was training at Taekwondo!

  17. my children lost theres years ago, they are all grown up now, but my grandaughters first tooth is due out anytime now lol

  18. My son and daughter both started losing them about age 6 and my son has just turned 11 and has lost all his milk teeth now

  19. Yes, my eldest started losing hers quite early on! She’s 8 now and has lost quite a few 🙂

  20. my eldest is 10 and only lost 4 of his baby teeth. my other two are 5 and 4 and haven’t lost any yet

  21. My daughter was 8 when she lost her first tooth my son is 5 and has them all with no wobbles x x

  22. My son had one pulled out at four because it got damaged but thats the only one so far, but I am expecting a wobbly one anyday!

  23. my 9 year old has lost nearly all her baby teeth, the 4 year old is yet to loose any.

  24. my daughter is only three but my 5 year old niece is just about losing her first!

  25. my only son is 5 tomorrow and not even wobbling yet – his classsmates are starting to lose theirs now

  26. My son lost his first tooth in an accident at 3 and a half. Now he is 7, he is losing them regularly

  27. Yes both my son and daughter have already lost a fair few 🙂 they were around 5 and 6 yrs old

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  29. My eldest isn’t quite 4 yet so she hasn’t started losing her teeth, this would be great for when she does though

  30. My Grand-daughter is 5 and a half and lost her first tooth last week,she was traumatised by the blood,she sobbed for two hours on and off.It would stop bleeding and she’d be ok then it would start bleeding again and she cry all over again.She is probably going to lose another three very soon as when a toddler she fell so very hard on her chin that her top two baby teeth were literally pushed right back up into the gum that we thought she’d swallowed them !It was only a second visit to hospital three weeks later when the swelling went down did the x-ray show what had happened.

  31. my son has just turned 7, but all of last year was a constant stream of tooth fairy visits it feels like!

  32. My 4 year old is too young to lose teeth but his 10 year old sister has a mouth almost full of adult teeth. She has been losing baby teeth since about 6 years old.

  33. My daughter started losing teeth at 5 and has lost a few now, she was very gappy for a while!

  34. I honestly can’t remember the older ones ar e16 and 19 but my 5 year old hasn’t got a wobble yet and is cleaning his teeth without fail to make them fall out

  35. My youngest is 4 nearly 5 and no hint of even a wobble where as my other two children had lost 2 just after turning 4. I think this time the teeth are as stubborn as their owner lol.

  36. Our 6 year old son has lost 6 teeth so far, and started loosing teeth when he was 5.

  37. My son hasnt lost any teeth yet but i dont think it will be long! 🙂 Lovely giveaway! thank u for the chance x

  38. my two oldest children lost thier first teeth at 4 but my youngest who turn 4 in april has still got all his so far anyway

  39. My 4 year old daughter Gracie hasn’t lost any teeth yet but she has started talking about it happening!

  40. My first daughter was only just 4 when she started to lose teeth. My younger daughter is 5 1/2 and still hasn’t lost any!

  41. My Daughter is 5, and she lost her first tooth in April. She has another wobbly tooth which she is desperate for it to drop out. x

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