The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars

The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars – AD sent for review and giveaway

Did you know that April is Maths and Statistics international Awareness month?  I wasn’t aware of this until we were asked to look at The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars by David Cole recently.  Published through Common Deer Press the book is aimed at children in Key Stage Two.

The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars

I’m hoping that the 114 page paperback book is going to give my son a bit more confidence with maths, whilst having fun. In The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars best friends Jordan and Justin are the only children in the class who are in the advanced maths class, until newcomer Stephanie Lewis arrives.  She’s super confident, comes from California and loves maths as much as the boys do. The three become friends over a love of numbers and a dislike of the class bullies Robbie, Bill and Bryce.

The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars

The friends decide to form The Maths Kids group to solve puzzles and they started with solving the dilemma of the seating plan for Jordan’s sisters dinner party.  There are challenges set throughout The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars which you as the reader can try to solve yourself before discovering whether the friends managed to work it out for themselves.  The answers are in the back of the book.

When there are a series of burglaries in the area, the friends soon realise that their maths skills might help them to solve the mystery of who the villain or villains might be.

The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars is a good read and one that makes maths fun for kids.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I can earn from qualifying purchases) in case your children fancy taking on the challenge.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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83 thoughts on “The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. Maths is a favourite in our house, my 14 year old son, 6 year old daughter and I all like maths, it was my favourite lesson in school and my children are the same, my youngest has just turned 2 so is to young to know yet xx

  2. My sister was so clever at maths that she got one of the top marks in the country in her O levels. I was so dumb they wouldn’t even let me continue the year’s studies. Luckily, the children have a good grasp.

  3. Most of us, I love maths and always have done, I think people have different skills and for some that is maths and for others it’s a different subject

  4. My partner! We have homework covered between us, I’m better at English and the arts, and my partner prefers maths and the sciences

  5. Me! Maths was always my top subject. My son does sometimes, but this would be great to keep that going.

  6. I always liked maths, my daughter is a math’s teacher and her son loves maths, so it runs in the family

  7. I enjoy Maths. My eldest daughter was always good at Maths from an early age. But my youngest daughter always struggled. I would love this book for my step-granddaughter

  8. My son and he is very good at it, he won a maths competition not so long ago and was invited to the House of Lords to be awarded a trophy

  9. Seems like a book which may well be of benefit to my family and others. As arithmetic :- Fine, but maths can become more complicated, especially when not obviously relevant to people, life situations, etc. This book seems to be aimed at keeping interest and curiosity :- Active minds, getting reader thinking, aiming to solve question /s.

  10. my son really enjoys maths, struggles a little bit but with constant practice he understands it

  11. My 8 year old son loves maths, it’s one of the few subjects he does enjoy at school.

  12. My daughter sometimes – and as I work with numbers every days, it is my pleasure, too 🙂

  13. My 7 year old adores maths, it’s her favourite subject at school and I really hope that continues as she gets older!

  14. I enjoy maths (after years of hating it!)…trying to make it fun for my daughter but no interest as of yet! :/

  15. I wouldn’t say I enjoy it but I am the one who dislikes it the least – for me its a necessary skill and I think we should be encouraging young people to enjoy it and the sciences more

  16. My son he often comes home from school telling me maths was his favourite part of the day

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