The Missing Years

The Missing Years – AD sent for review

I’ve got another cracker of a book to share with you today.  You may recall my review of Lexie Elliott’s first novel The French Girl last year. Following on from that page-turner, I’ve just finished her second novel, The Missing Years which was published through Corvus on 6th June.

The Missing Years

In The Missing Years, we meet Ailsa Calder who returns to her childhood home in Scotland following the death of her mother.  It would appear that she’s inherited the house, well half of it at least, as the other half is owned by her father who disappeared in mysterious circumstances twenty seven years ago.

Ailsa arrives at the Manse with her half-sister Carrie, a sister that she’s not really been around to get to know really well. Both girls have had a difficult relationship with their mother, something which should help to bring them together.  Carrie is an actor, taking part in a play in Scotland and Ailsa is taking time out of her career which sees her travelling the world with her television journalist partner.

She must start to go through the legal paperwork so that she can declare her father dead so that she can take full ownership of the house to be able to sell it.  But along the way she meets the locals who don’t all seem so keen to see her again after many years away.  There are rumours that her father disappeared with diamonds belonging to his employer.  Will Ailsa ever be able to uncover the truth behind his disappearance?  She’s come up with so many scenarios over the years as to where he might be.

The Manse is a house with secrets and it seems to have a life of its own. Animals, even pets won’t come close to the house and Ailsa is quickly left feeling that all is not well and that someone or something does not want her to stay there.

Nothing is quite as it seems as friendships and relationships are questioned and there are twists and turns as you turn the pages of The Missing Years.  I won’t ruin the plot for you, but this is a great read with an unexpected ending.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I do earn from qualifying purchases) in case you fancy reading it yourself.

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