The Paper Dolls, Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb

The Paper Dolls – Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb – AD sent for review

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You may remember that I posted recently about the world record attempt to make the world’s longest paper doll chain.  The inspiration for this comes from Julia Donaldson’s lovely book The Paper Dolls, which is wonderfully illustrated by Rebecca Cobb.

The Paper Dolls, Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb

A lovely but sad story of a little girl and her paper dolls – I was a bit concerned that this book might be a bit ‘girly’ for my son, aged 3 and half years old, but he was enthralled by the story and the whole concept of paper dolls.

I loved the story as it took me back to my own childhood and the time I spent making paper dolls myself.

A little girl makes a paper doll chain with her mother’s help, each doll is different and is given a name.  As you’d expect from Julia Donaldson there is a lovely rhyming flow to the story with a little song that is repeated throughout the book.

The Paper Dolls go on all sorts of adventures, they evade capture from a tiger ……

The Paper Dolls, Julia Donaldson

and survive a crocodile trying to crunch them.

The Paper Dolls, Julia Donaldson

Sadly their adventures come to an abrupt end, I won’t ruin the whole story for you, but there is a happy ending.

My son loves Julia Donaldson, we are building up quite a collection.  This is another hit for us. He loved the adventures and I loved the twist at the end of the book.  Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations are charming and suit this story very well.

In a future post, we’ll show you our Paper Dolls to go with the World record attempt to make the longest paper doll chain.  There is still time to join in.

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