The Philosopher’s Daughters – AD sent for review

The Philosopher’s Daughters – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review

I’m a sucker for a good historical drama and The Philosopher’s Daughters by Alison Booth hasn’t disappointed. Published on 2nd April through RedDoor Press, the novel is set in the 1890s, starting in London, but mainly set in the Australian outback.

The Philosopher's Daughters

The Philosopher’s Daughters introduces us to Harriet and Sarah, the two very different daughters of philosopher James Cameron. Harriet was only five when their mother died and the girls have been brought up by their forward-thinking father, who has taught them to think for themselves, not such a common idea in Victorian England at the time.

Younger sister Harriet works for her father and interested in the Suffrage movement and painting, she believes herself to be the plainer of the two sisters and has no aspirations to get married and settle for a husband and children. Older sister Sarah is known as the pretty sister and she can’t really understand her sister and her outlook on life.  Sarah meets a young adventurer called Henry Vincent who sweeps her off her feet.  Henry and Sarah share a love of music, her the piano, him the double bass. They marry and set out on an adventure on the other side of the world, as they travel to Australia.

Harriet remains in London with their father and misses her sister terribly.  She’s trying to work out where her future lies when James Cameron dies suddenly and everything she believes is turned on its head.  She was very close to him and is grief-stricken. A proposal from a family friend, Charles Barclay makes her question herself.  He would offer her love and stability but she doesn’t think she loves him or what he can provide.  She has been left everything by her father, giving her financial independence and when it’s suggested that perhaps she should make her own journey out to Australia and spend time with her sister, she decides to go.

We follow both sisters as they make their own discoveries during their adventures until they are reunited in the Northern Territory outback at a cattle station.  In The Philosopher’s Daughters, we see both Harriet and Sarah grow as women, learning about their inner strengths and how to survive in the harsh landscape they find themselves in.

I won’t ruin more of the plotline but I found myself totally invested in the two sisters and their voyage of discovery.  The Philosopher’s Daughters is beautifully written and is one of those novels that builds quietly.  It shares what life was like for the white immigrant population and just how badly the native aboriginal people were treated.  It’s fascinating to watch relationships develop against a background of prejudice and to see how the women tackle events as they unfold.

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The Philosopher's Daughters


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