The Scarlet Code

The Scarlet Code – AD sent for review

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of The Scarlet Code ever since I finished the first book in the series, The Bastille Spy, back in September last year.  The Scarlet Code, written by C S Quinn was published through Corvus last month, and it hasn’t disappointed at all.

The Scarlet Code

This historical crime novel begins in 1789 as the French Revolution is starting to build momentum.  We meet up again with the central character, English spy, Attica Morgan and reformed pirate Jemmy Avery as they work together to unmask a wicked killer.

Attica has been living in Paris and has been rescuing female aristocrats, but someone has been killing those she’s trying to save and in the most gruesome way.

As the plot of The Scarlet Code twists and turns, we learn more about Robespierre, his obsession with uncovering the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel and how he manipulates others into a revolutionary fever. As the incensed mob descends on the gates of Versailles, will they be able to storm the palace and take the Queen, or can Attica and Jemmy save her from their clutches?  Will Attica’s luck finally run out?

I’ve been totally captivated by The Scarlet Code, and the relationship between Attica, her boss and proposed husband Atherton and Jemmy. The story builds and builds and it’s really intriguing to see how the characters deal with events as they unfold.  They are very believable and it’s been interesting to get more of an insight into life in Paris as the revolution was in its infancy.  You obviously know how it all plays out in the end but it doesn’t diminish from the plot of the book at all.  I’m already looking forward to what comes next.

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