The Silver Wolf

The Silver Wolf – AD sent for review

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Today I’m sharing a bit of an epic read with you as I’ve recently finished The Silver Wolf by J C Harvey which was published through Allen & Unwin earlier this year. If you like historical fiction novels then this book is for you.

The Silver Wolf

Set during The Thirty Years’ war in 17th century Europe, The Silver Wolf is the first in the Fiskardo’s War trilogy and centres on the story of a young boy called Jack Fiskardo and his journey to discover his heritage and avenge the death of his parents. The book is split into three timeframes; 1619-1622, 1610-1617 and lastly 1623-1630 so at times as you can see, you move back in time with Jack’s story.

There is a multitude of characters helping to tell the story of The Silver Wolf all of who are listed at the start of the book and this listing proves helpful as the tale unfolds.  There’s also a map of 17th century Europe which helps to set the scene, especially, if like me, you aren’t familiar with this historical era.

We first see Jack in Amsterdam, taken in off the streets as a vagrant dock-rat by a respectable Jewish merchant and his family. Jack has a bit of a temper and an unusual natural flair with the sword and eventually, Jack needs to leave the comfort of Amsterdam, he has truths to uncover and a destiny to fulfil.

The Silver Wolf is beautifully written, and although Jack is not always the most likeable of characters, as his story unfolds you grow to understand him more and want him to uncover who killed his parents and why. From France to Germany the journey takes Jack far and wide, friends are made and enemies are encountered.  This is an epic read, but it’s well worth sticking with it and I can thoroughly recommend doing so, and am now looking forward to the next chapter in this adventure.



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