The Story of the Second World War for Children

The Story of the Second World War for Children – AD sent for review and giveaway

I never got to study the Second World War at school, if I’d stayed in Surrey for my O’levels I’d have studied it then, and when I arrived in Oxfordshire, it was in the syllabus for the year before you took your options.  So that all meant that I had a fairly patchy knowledge of the events really. I’ve learned a lot more as an adult and with family serving in different capacities during both World Wars, my son is already quite well genned up.  But I’m always looking for new resources to broaden his knowledge.  7th March will see the publication of IWM The Story of the Second World War for Children and we’ve been enjoying a sneak preview of this paperback book.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

The 64 page book is packed pull of photographs and artwork and provides a great tool to assist with school projects on this subject.  It’s aimed at children aged 8 years and over.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

The Story of the Second World War for Children really does give children a clear idea of the impact of war on those who had to live through it, whether at home or on the front lines.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

Giving a clear time line, readers learn about advances in warfare and technology, as well as learning about the different leaders involved in the conflict.  Maps throughout the book show where battles were fought.  My son has a collection of World War Two model aircraft so he’s enjoyed learning more about the German Stuka and Messerschmitt planes as well as our Hurricane and Spitfire.

We have some really large age gaps in our family, and one of my son’s uncles is old enough to have been evacuated from London during the blitz.  My son has learned a lot about the life of evacuee children and the damage bombs inflicted across the country.  My own grandfather was a ARP during the war so it was great for my son to learn more about his role on the Home Front.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

As well as covering the Battle of Britain, the fall of France and the operations between Germany and Russia, we’ve learned more about the Battle of the Atlantic too.  My son’s a particular fan of the cutaway diagrams of the various machines used during the war, including this U-boat.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

My great-uncle died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Philippines.  It’s important to me that my son knows about the sacrifice that so many made for our freedom and about the realities of war.  He’s watched a programme about Anne Frank recently and the book talks about her and the Holocaust.

As well as talking about the resistance fighters and secret agents The Story of the Second World War for Children also looks at the different new technologies used during the war.  These also include medical advances which are still saving lives today.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

The book really does give children a good all round knowledge of the events of this war on a global scale and we’ve both been really impressed with the content.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

The bit size chunks of information will hold children’s’ attention and it’s a really good educational aid in my opinion.

The Story of the Second World War for Children

The Story of the Second World War for Children will be available to purchase from Carlton Books from 7th March and is available to pre-order now.  You might also be interested to know that Carlton Books also sell the IWM The Story of the First World War for Children too.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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IWM The Story of the Second World War for Children worth £9.99

112 thoughts on “The Story of the Second World War for Children – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. My late dear dad served in the war, and we always loved his war stories, which I now pass on to my little grandchildren.

  2. Yes, my father did. He never spoke about it and it is a regret that, as a child, I was not sufficiently mature to ask him about his experiences.

  3. my grandfather served four years over in Burma, got PTSD, it was hell from what i know of his life before he died x

  4. My grandad did. I don’t know about his brothers but some of them probably did, he had 9 of them.

  5. Yes I had 4 uncles serving in the 2nd world war . My father was on home guard. One of my uncle’s was on a photograph which my brother has of Mussolini when they hung him . Not a very nice photo but a bit of history. I have a ration book which belonged to my mother and my brother has some old gas masks. Stories were passed on to us . They were a very brave and tough lot to get through it .

  6. I only had/have an abnormally small family and those that were eligible were all reserved occupations, one of whom was instructed that he was too valuable to go and serve, despite wanting to.

  7. my great nan lived right through ww1 and 2 and my great grandad fought in ww2 and battle of river plait in the army. my mum and dad met in the army, i was born and lived on barracks til i was 4, my other grandad was in the navy, my uncle served in afghanistan – easy to see why I wanted to join up from age 6 😀

  8. My Mums dad did. His proudest moment after was being in the guard of honour for Winston Churchill funeral

  9. Not that we know of- my great grandfather was an ARP Warden though! My grandfather’s were too young to serve during the war, but had to do National Service a few years later…

  10. My Father served and was injured so having to have his leg amputated. I also had uncles serve.

  11. My dad was in the navy and his brothers were in the forces too in the 2nd world war , thankfully all came home safely .

  12. I’ve been doing some research into my family history lately, and found out that my great grandfather served in the navy in WW2, on the HMS Avenger. Sadly it was a casualty of Operation Torch…

  13. My father in law was a tank driver. He never talked about his experiences to his son ( my husband) but occasionally would tell me something. It was always brief, as though a memory had bubbled up to the service and needed to be released. We could never understand why he told these things to me and not my husband. More than once he was in a tank that was hit. On one occasion he was the only survivor. All his buddies were killed. He was three times a sergeant and three times busted. I think this was due to battle fatigue. Last year we fund raised on behalf of SSAFA the military charity to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and we’ll do it again this year to commemorate the D Day landings of World War Two. I think as a nation and as individuals we should all show our respect and appreciation for the men and women of our armed services.

  14. My maternal grandfather did and apparently he was interviewed about it on Radio 4. Never had chance to listen to it though.

  15. Yes my grandad did, apparently he won the war with Harry Secombe (but I can’t remember the whole story)

  16. My grandparents served. I remember being shocked to hear my grandma had done her bit in the women’s service.

  17. My grandfather was a quantity surveyor and he told the army that he would work with them but wouldn’t join up! So he spent the war checking bombed buildings to see if they could be repaired. I think this was very brave of him, house could have fallen down on him or there might have been unexploded bombs!

  18. My grandfather and many of his brothers served. I think one was MIA (another was killed, but I think that was in Korea). I’m from an area where most men served in the military.

  19. One grandfather was a skipper on a fishing boat, and one a herdsman on a farm, so both continued with their work to feed the country…..a vital part of the war effort. My nan served in the WRAF.

  20. My grandad was in the war, just up from Dunkirk, he was shot at but survived thanks to a glasses case.

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