The Wild Roses

The Wild Roses – AD sent for review

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In 1984 I was sixteen years of age and going through the transition from secondary school to college so I liked the idea of reading The Wild Roses, which is set at that time, and centres on the lives of three friends in their final years of school.

The Wild Roses

The Wild Roses is written by DB Carter and was published through Mirador Publishing last month. Pip and Sharon are best friends who’ve been inseparable for years.  They’re at an age where they are breaking boundaries, learning about love and themselves and the world is at their feet.  They befriend Gavin who is being relentlessly bullied and all looks well for them until Sharon meets Sam, who runs a band.

From there the friendships unravel as drugs, sex and rock and roll take their toll.  The three characters head in very different directions but will they ever find their way back to each other?

The Wild Roses deals with homophobia in the 1980s, sex discrimination as well as sexual harassment and domestic violence within the storyline.  I found it hard to warm to Sharon as a character, she’s deeply flawed and not likeable, but Pip is different, you want her to succeed and overcome every drama she faces. She was particularly close to her grandparents, and the reference to her grandfather growing roses in his garden really resonated with me, as I too have fond memories of my papa tending his roses when I was a child. Although her grandfather’s roses are mentioned throughout the book you don’t really understand the true significance of The Wild Roses until the very end of the book which provided a lovely twist.

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