The XK Files: 120 – a book review and giveaway

The XK Files: 120 – a book review and giveaway

As you all know we are motorsport fans here, with a love of old cars. So when we were approached by Porter Press International recently regarding a new children’s book which features a Jaguar XK120 as the main character in the The XK Files: 120, I knew we needed to read it.

The XK Files: 120

Published in May this year, The XK Files: 120 is written by Jennifer Barker and is a paperback chapter book aimed at children in Key Stage 2.

We meet nine-year-old Bill, who is on holiday in Cornwall with his family. When looking around the holiday cottage and grounds he finds an old car which is all covered over in the garage. This isn’t just any car, this is a Jaguar XK120 and it talks!  The car, nicknamed XK by Bill, has been left abandoned for years.

Bill can’t wait to show his discovery to his Grandpa and little does he know, that when he does, they will go on all sorts of adventures. XK can take them back in time.

The XK Files_ 120

My eight-year-old son loves the idea of time travelling vehicles, so I knew he’d be captivated with The XK Files: 120 book. The old Jaguar takes Bill and his Grandpa back to his grandpa’s childhood, in 1949 post-war London.  Grandpa is rather bemused to discover that the car is driving itself, and that when they are in the past they and the car are invisible to others. He sees the house he used to live in, as well as himself as a child with his parents.  When XK is running low on petrol, he has to take them back to the present day.

They visit London again in 1952 when the city was struggling with smog, and they get to look in the window of Grandpa’s childhood home to see him as a child playing with his toys, and to see his sister, Charlotte too.  The experience shows Bill just how different things were for his Grandpa growing up.

On another visit they arrive to see everyone arriving at Grandpa’s old house to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on the family’s television set..  They come across the younger version of Grandpa and his sister Charlotte and soon discover that they can actually see them.  Before long they are all involved in a tale of espionage as they overhear a mysterious conversation between three men close to the community street party.

Reading The XK Files: 120 we follow XK, Grandpa and Bill as they track two of the men to a building that’s very familiar to XK. What is the car’s link to the building and what are three men plotting?

I don’t want to ruin the rest of the plot for you, but The XK Files: 120 is a great read and my son and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it together.  More confident readers would have no issue with reading this book independently. Readers will enjoy the adventure and also the historical references throughout this chapter book. This is the first in a series of books and we are now eagerly awaiting The XK Files: 140.

I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you would like to add a copy of this book to your own bookshelf.

disclosure:  we received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Porter Press International are offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a signed copy of The XK Files: 120 for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Signed copy of The XK Files:120 book worth £6.99

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  1. Mine! I have an old VW Golf GT TDI and I love it, the only thing that would be better would be a brand new one!

  2. VW BEETTLE from herbie films – if my car did that many miles over rough terrain id never want to part with her

  3. Toyota Yaris, as it’s not 100% electric, but charges when you’re going over 30mph and switches to electric when in traffic! As someone with no designated parking spot, it was the best car I ever had as I felt my footprint was lowered xx

  4. Mini – original style, of course, stars of The Italian Job, grandads favourite film!

  5. Nissan Micra – I know its a strange favourite car but I grew up being in love with them and still am

  6. Love Herbie, what a treat to have a car, who will look after you and you dont have to worry about driving, brilliant

  7. I love my current car – a Toyota Corolla because since I’ve had it it’s not needed much to get through the MOT.

  8. Mini as it’s the first car my mum drive, so have fond memories of going out in it 🙂

  9. I have no idea about cars but somehow my son is a petrol head! He was talking today about some car called an Aventador which apparently is a Lamborghini and very cool so I choose that one!! I haven’t really got a clue about cars to be honest but my boy is somehow a bit of a petrol head!! He was talking today about an Aventador which I’ve never heard of but apparently is a type of Lamborghini and very cool so I’ll say that one!! This book sounds awesome… one for the Xmas list I think if Im not lucky enough to win!!

  10. I love the car I have at the moment it is a delica, it is a bit unusual has it has 10 seats

  11. we have a triumph stag that we have had for 26 years. It is beautiful. bright red and A CONVERTIBLE. rEGISTERED IN 1972

  12. I always liked the Mini from when I was little. And I used to watch Mr Ben on TV and loved his yellow Mini! Now I love the new Minis even more!

  13. I would love an open top sports car but only to drive in brilliant sunshine around Monte Carlo!

  14. The Audi R8 V10 Plus would be my dream car as it looks stunning and doesn’t sacrifice performance for comfort.

  15. My current car – it is a galaxy and has leather seats and so the boys cant mess them up

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