Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set

You may recall that we were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the Thomas & Friends Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure movie earlier in the summer.  Well the film is released on DVD later this month, and to coincide with the release we’ve been having lots of fun with the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set

I defy anyone not to enjoy playing with this train set, but the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set is actually aimed at children aged 3-6 years.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set

The set comes with a rather muddy Thomas Trackmaster train) which requires 2 x AAA batteries to run, as well as 21 pieces of track, 13 track accessories and a full instruction leaflet.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set

The track pieces are all labelled on the underside, so it’s really easy to follow the build instructions and in a matter of minutes the pile above was transformed to the track below.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set

You definitely need some room for this rather impressive track as it’s approx 1.6 metres long, and in Monkey’s words – Mummy, this is brilliant! This toy train set has kept him amused for hours since we first set it up.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Shipwreck Rails Set

Once set up, you set Thomas on his way, he climbs up a steep incline (not all of our Trackmaster trains have been train enough for this challenge) puffing up to the ship’s mast, then watch as he lunges down towards the deck, turning round 360 degrees down a spiral track before starting on his adventure all over again! It’s very clever, and there’s even an auto-reset function so play doesn’t have to be stopped, even for a second.  The track’s long enough that you can add another engine and have them running at the same time for added enjoyment.

We’ve experienced the 3 different variations of Trackmaster that have been produced over the years, and this design on track is really very well thought out.  Although the joints are harder for youngsters to fix together themselves, that track designs are solid and offer plenty of scope for imaginative play.

You can see Thomas in action in this little video clip we’ve made:

My only observation with this set is it doesn’t come with adaptors for the previous Trackmaster track joints.  We have some from a previous set so we can connect all of our track, but it’s worth noting if you too have older track, and this is your first new track design purchase.

But we can thoroughly recommend this set, it hasn’t moved from our living room since it arrived and has been played with every day without fail.  It’s normal price is £42.99, but Smyths Toys currently have it on offer at £39.99.  I’m sure the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set is going to be on many Christmas wish lists this year!

EDIT:  Since Christmas I’ve had a number of people messaging me asking for the instructions as theirs have been lost.  So in case you are having problems you can find the instruction leaflets on the Mattel website.  Hope this helps.

Apparently this set has changed slightly and in the instructions on the website don’t match the original set, so here are the instructions I have.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review


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14 thoughts on “Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Shipwreck Rails Set

  1. Can someone please send me a photo of the instructions for thomas shipwreck train set I’ve lost the instructions on Xmas day and I can’t put it together , thank you

      1. Can someone please email the instructions to me too. My son got it for Christmas I set it up and think instructions got thrown out with wrapping paper. And I have been trying to put it together again as my son pulled it apart…….

  2. Hi there,

    We too have lost the instructions and we see you’ve kindly left a link to the instructions on Mattel’s website, but it looks like Mattel have since changed the product and it is now slightly different. Any chance you could send instructions to the one your son has as it’s the same as our son’s.

    Many thanks

  3. From one over 40 Mum to one to another I’d just like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to publish this, it has been a God send as for some reason our set didn’t have any instructions (which I didn’t find out until opening with my little yesterday on his birthday). I muddled through and got it all together but could not work out how to get the the transporter (?) to reset so I promised to find out today but was struggling until I found you. He is now as happy as Larry playing with his new track and trains. x

  4. Hi there

    I bought my set second hand so don’t have the instructions.

    Please could you email me the instructions? Can’t see them too well on the photo, shame I have nearly got there 🙂 My boy is getting impatient!

    Thanks so much!

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