Tiggly Words and Math apps

Tiggly Words and Math apps

Now the summer holidays are upon us, Monkey and I will be having lots of adventures. Whilst I want him to ensure being away from a school environment I’m eager that we spend some time during the holidays concentrating on some educational tasks.  We’ve been trying out the Tiggly Words and Math apps, ahead of their launch on QVC on 24th July.

Tiggly Words and Maths apps

Tiggly offer 3 different app packages –Words (children aged 4-8 years), Math (children aged 3-7 years) and for children aged 18 months, to 4 years, there is also Tiggly Shapes.  As Monkey will be 6 in December we decided that the Words and Math apps would work best for us.

Tiggly Words and Math apps

I was interested to see how monkey would get on with the Tiggly apps and the interactive letters and number blocks.  Monkey definitely prefers Numeracy to Reading so it was no surprise when he wanted to look at Tiggly Math first!

The Tiggly Math pack comes with 5 different interactive number blocks with storage bag as well as free access to 3 apps – Tiggly Addventure, Tiggly Chef and Tiggly Cardtoons.  All are available on AppStore and Google Play. The apps work with all Ipad tablets except iPad1 as well as leading android devices.  I downloaded the apps onto my iPad2 mini and we were away.

Monkey quickly grasped the fact the interactive number blocks needed to be place on the screen through various exercises.  The 5 different blocks are in 1-5 groups so he needed to think about which block would give him the correct answer.  He has worked on his number line as well as problem solving and questioning skills whilst using the various apps.

Making his own recipes with the Chef app has been a highlight so far.  With lots of counting and food involved this was always going to be a hit.  Add in the possibility to mix weird and wonderful ingredients and we are on to a winner.  There are 3 different Kitchen levels, offering various level of difficulty, so we look forward to seeing how Monkey progresses in due course.

We haven’t looked at the language options yet, but there is the possibility to work in 10 different languages, so I think we’ll be putting the Spanish version to the test during the holidays.

Cardtoons didn’t grab him quite so well, it seems a little more basic than the Chef app. You count, drag and match buttons to make pictures, and I think this app would certainly appeal to the younger age group for this app bundle.

Addventure did go down well, Monkey enjoys working on number lines and you use the blocks to add up sums to help Tiggly on his way.  Problem solving skills are required to work out the best route to take.  It’s been a hit.

It is possible to use the apps without the interactive ‘toys’ but Monkey much preferred using them.

The Tiggly Words app package again comes with 5 interactive ‘toys’, in this instance the 5 vowels, as well as a storage bag and free access to a further 3 apps – Tiggly Submarine, Tiggly Doctor and Tiggly Tales.

Tiggly Words works on phonics, spellings, introduces nouns and verbs  using long and short vowels. This app bundle can only be used with iPads and iPad mini (except iPad1) and has English as the only language option.

With Tiggly Tales you add vowels to the consonants to make your words, if you spell the word correctly the object appears on-screen.  Monkey loved being able to make a fan come to life on-screen.

Tiggly Submarines sees you go on an undersea adventure unlocking words as you go along.

Monkey has enjoyed Tiggly Doctor the most of the Word apps.  He’s come across lots of new verbs which have given him a great challenge.

We’ll be taking our Tiggly Words and Math apps away with us on our next adventure and I’m sure we’ll be having fun whilst learning too.

The 3 different Tiggly packages retail at £24.99 each, which to my mind is a little more than I would pay.  As you know we’re not a very techie family and Tiggly has been a very different learning experience for us, I can see Monkey enjoying the challenges it will bring, but I do wonder who would pay £75.00 to have the whole set.

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