Time for Tea? – AD sent for review

Disclosure:  I was sent the tea sample mentioned for the purpose of review, my comments, however, remain my own honest opinions

I, like my Mum, and my Granny before her LOVE tea.  I drink lots of it! Is it time for tea? I do have to admit that I was put off loose tea as a child, Granny never strained her tea properly, and you’d be left with a load of tea leaves in the bottom of your cup – yuck.  It’s left an indelible mark on me as I am completely incapable of drinking an entire cup of tea, even though we use teabags!  My husband thinks I am totally barmy, but I just can’t do it.

I was lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka a few years back and spent some time visiting the tea plantations there.  I can still taste that tea – it was amazing.

Anyway, the lovely family business LoveTea recently offered me the chance to sample some fresh tea, I’d be mad to refuse right?


I received a very neat little package through my letterbox consisting of a pouch of Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Imperial Black (HIB) Tea (I got rather excited as I knew that Black Tea offers a lovely rich flavour), a leaflet telling me all about the tea, and where it comes from along with handy instructions on how to make the perfect cup of tea 🙂 Also included were some re-usable bags to hold the tea whilst brewing – this could mean an end to my tea leaf phobia!!  These would also be very handy as I don’t actually own a teapot (please do not faint) – oops

Time for Tea

I decided to wait for a pre-school morning to savour my new tea in peace.  I followed the instructions and weighed out 3g of the tea, put the leaves into the teabag, folded the teabag over, and poured in the hot water.  After leaving the tea to brew nicely for a couple of minutes, I removed the bag (no loose leaves in sight – yippee) and relaxed with my lovely cup of tea, in peace …..

Time for Tea
Time for Tea

It was lovely, very refreshing and absolutely no need to add milk.  I enjoyed it so much I went straight back to the kitchen to make another cup!  Might need to invest in that teapot now 🙂

Why not visit LoveTea and enjoy some wonderful, quality tea for yourself, delivered monthly through your letterbox.  A different tea each month, and no postage and packing costs!  As an extra bonus, the team at LoveTea are offering you a 40% discount off your first month’s order – use code AMUM40 and enjoy 🙂


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  1. I love tea, I think it runs in my veins, as I drink copious amounts. I haven’t heard of this brand of tea, would love to try it.

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