Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar – a book review

Do you remember that we reviewed the first Time Travelling Toby book a while back – it was all about his adventures in the Battle of Britain.  Graham Jones has written the next installment which has just been published.  Today we are all at sea with Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar.

Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar

HMS Victory has a special place in mine and Daddy P’s hearts for different reasons.  I can clearly remember the first time I visited Nelson’s flagship in Portsmouth, as a child. Being a history fanatic I was mesmerised by this wonderful ship and its history.  Daddy P visited with his elderly father and the ship hold lots of memories for him.

So it was time to read Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar to Monkey and explain all about HMS Victory.  For those of you who haven’t read my previous review – Toby has a big secret.  He has a time travelling car and goes on all sorts of adventures with his brothers.

Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar

The boys have been playing with their toy boats at the local lake but would really like to go on a time travelling adventure.  Off they go, their amazing car can fly as they zoom back through time and turns into a boat as they land in the sea.  They’ve ended up right in the middle of the Battle of Trafalgar and thankfully the car turns into a submarine before they suffer a direct hit from a cannon ball.

Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar sees the brothers meeting Lord Nelson on the deck of HMS Victory and they are called to save the day and scupper The Bucentaure; the flagship of the combined fleet.  Will they rise to the challenge and save the day?

We’ve been really impressed again, with this installment of the Time Travelling Toby Series.  The story has caught Monkey’s imagination.  He’s asked lots of questions; he’s a bit too young to understand everything but having a model of HMS Victory has helped to explain some things to him.  The back of the book contains the latest blue prints for the time travelling car along with fact about the Battle of Trafalgar.  I’m sure we’ll be visiting Portsmouth at some point and this book will be coming with us.

Priced at £6.99 Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Trafalgar is available from selected independent book shops, Amazon (see my affiliate link below) and direct from the Time Travelling Toby website.

We can thoroughly recommend this book, the series is a fun introduction to historical topics for younger children.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This book sounds like something my hubby would enjoy reading to our son. Thank you for the review 🙂 x

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