To Kill the President

To Kill the President

I’ve been a huge fan of Sam Bourne since I first discovered The Righteous Men back on 2006.  Fast forward 11 years and I’ve just finished reading his latest political thriller, To Kill the President.

To Kill the President

To Kill the President was published through Harper Collins on 4th July and if you’re looking for a thrilling read this summer, I can thoroughly recommend it. I was gripped by To Kill the President from the first chapter, and at times it certainly felt very true to life.  We meet Maggie Costello, an Irish woman working at the very heart of the White House, but now, for a President who stands at political odds to herself and her beliefs.

This republican President is rich, brash and more familiar with television personalities than with politics and diplomacy.  Along with his Chief Strategist, the wholly unlikable Crawford Mac McNamara, he seems hell-bent on becoming an autocratic leader.  Ripping up the policies of his predecessor and bringing the US to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea.

There were so many times during To Kill the President, that I really had to remind myself that the story is fictional.  It made for compelling reading, as we follow Maggie and her quest for the truth. Following a childlike late night tantrum the President comes scarily close to launching a nuclear attack on North Korea and two high-ranking officials realise that for the sake of their country, and democracy as a whole, they must get rid of the President.

They decide to talk to the President’s doctor, to see if he believes that the man is actually sane or not.  He refuses to commit to this and the men realise that drastic actions are called for and that they must arrange To Kill the President.  When the doctor is found dead, Maggie is called in by Mac to ‘sort it out’ and smooth over anything that could damage the administration.  Her investigations reveal that it’s highly unlikely that Dr Frankel committed suicide, and that there could well be a plot to assassinate the President.

It also becomes clear that Maggie has been betrayed by someone she loves and that her every movement is being monitored.  Can she get to the truth, whilst keeping herself and her family safe?

I don’t want to ruin the plot for you, there are lots of twists and turns and the pieces don’t fully fit into place until the very last pages.  To Kill the President is another great read from Sam Bourne, and you won’t regret buying it.  I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your reference.

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To Kill the President

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