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Touch N Sing App – AD paid review post

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SumahoMAMA_logo, play n sing appSumaho Mama is a Japanese company who would like to introduce us to the fun Touch N Sing app which is available from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Kindle.    They offer a range of educational games for youngsters and we’ve been looking at a couple of their free games.  As you know we are fairly new to the world of App’s so it’s great to try different ideas.  We used these apps on my iPhone without any problems.

Touch n sing, touch n sing app

We started by looking at The Hokey Pokey.  This is a take on the traditional Hokey Cokey song that we are all familiar with.

touch n sing aPP

There are 5 characters to play with.  You can tap each one so they can take their turn in dancing the ‘hokey pokey’.

touch n sing APP

Shake the relevant part of their bodies to make them dance. You can also make the characters turn around.  This game didn’t keep my son’s attention for very long, even with the Robot character, aged nearly 4 years, I think this game is a bit too young for him, but I can see younger children finding it really fun to play with and to dance along with too.

The Alphabet Song – listen to the classic ABC song, and touch each letter to move through the alphabet.

touch n sing app

We didn’t understand how this game worked, to start with – but eventually, we realised that you pop the balloon with the same letter like the one in the child’s hand to reveal a relevant object to that letter.

Touch n sing app

You have different levels once you’ve successfully found a certain number of your alphabet and these show all the letters you’ve found and their corresponding characters.

toucvh n sing app

You can also change from Capital Letters to small Letters as you go through the alphabet by tapping the child’s balloon.  My son has found this game quite entertaining, and I’m hoping we’ll have some fun as he starts to learn his alphabet.

Both apps are easy for younger children to play with, the graphics are bold and clear, and easy for them to interact with.

There are a whole host of add-on games to buy and you can see the Sumaho Mama Youtube channel for lots more fun.


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