Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle

Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle – a review for Ravensburger

What do you think of when you think of London? For me, it’s an iconic image that takes me back to my childhood. So when Ravensburger asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their London landmark 3D puzzles, I knew exactly what I wanted to try out.  The Tower Bridge 3D puzzle takes me back to childhood car journeys.  We lived in Surrey, my Granny lived on the Kent coast, we would drive through the centre of London to get there.  If my brother and I behaved we got to drive over Tower Bridge.  We behaved, probably not for the entire, very long journey, but enough to see us over my favourite bridge!

Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle

Enough of my childhood and back to the puzzle!  You may remember that I reviewed the Ravensburger Christmas baubles last year.  Well, let’s just say that 3D puzzles have come a long way from the foam backed 3D puzzles I used to make up a zillion years ago. The Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle is a 216 piece plastic puzzle, it comes complete with all components to make up the structure and an instruction booklet.

Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle

I find puzzles really therapeutic, if I need to switch off after a busy day, then a puzzle is always a good remedy.  I’d had a couple of challenging days with Monkey and really needed some time out.  It was time to make the Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle.

It’s easy to follow the instruction manual to make up the structures for the bridge.  The only thing I found was that a couple of the ’tiles’ that should fit on the roof of the towers are loose and fall off easily.  The rest snap in and fit securely.  Strange.

Tower Bridge 3D puzzle

But that aside, it’s very easy to put these parts together.  Then it was time to make the two tower sections which is where the main puzzle pieces come into play.  Each piece is numbered to make it easier to construct the 3D image.  Now, the puzzler in me, wants to rebel and do it blind, but as I was building for this review, I decided to follow the numbers.

Tower Bridge 3D puzzle

It’s quite addictive once you get started and easy to assemble the pieces.  The corners have plastic hinges, it’s all very clever.  Nothing collapses, so unlike the 3D puzzles of yesteryear!

Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle

The brick work detailing on the puzzle is wonderful and I just couldn’t wait to crack on and finish the Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle.  I wanted to see it in all it’s glory.

I found it quite tricky to attach the bridge supports to the towers, but once I’d overcome that engineering obstacle I was on the home stretch! Love it!

Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle

As you can see the Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle is quite large with an approx size 117.4 x 17.4 x 33.6 cms.  So you do need to bear that in mind when constructing it.  I went flat-out on this puzzle and from opening the box until I’d finished took me just over 2 hours.  Had I not been building it for a review and conscious of the size, I’d have taken a more leisurely approach to my build.  I’m really pleased with the overall effect.

This 3D puzzle of the iconic London landmark, Tower Bridge has a RRP of £34.99, but Amazon currently have it for the bargain price of £ 24.99!

disclaimer:  We were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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